The Remarkable Legend of Shep Gordon: A Brief Review of His Memoir “They Call Me Supermensch”

In “They Call Me Supermensch” Shep Gordon offers a fascinating and entertaining look at his life and remarkably legendary career in film, food, and music. Click here to learn more.

Money To Burn? Pay To Play On Steroids

MEO 2016-2016

Pay to play can be one of the worst mistakes an artist makes, especially if the “pay” part can’t ever be recouped. Click to read one band’s saga and how you should think before going this route.

Money To Burn? Beware The A&R Company Promising Too Much

Money To Burn Beware The company asking for money

Do you have money to burn? If so, then say yes every time a company approaches you about getting your music in front of the right people. If not, click on this post to understand why you should probably say no.