Using Video To Promote Your Music Event

WPU Now That's What I Call Pop

When putting together the marketing mix for your next show, don’t forget video. With a little time and a little creativity, you can create multiple videos which can raise additional awareness of your event and provide additional content for your website, email campaigns, and social networks. Here’s how.

How To Turn Your Audio Content Into A YouTube Video

If you’re putting your music up on Soundcloud or iTunes or Spotify or MySpace or (name your service here), don’t forget YouTube! For the price of $0 and a cost of time, you can turn your audio into a video. It’s a great, relatively easy way to squeeze another use out of your content. Click to see how to do it.

Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up (April 21st)

Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up (April 21st)

From marketing Macklemore & Lewis to the future of music streaming, from an upcoming interview with Kiss/John Mayer/Dave Matthews Band business manager Aaron Van Duyne to how to get press for your band, here’s your weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up. Now click and get smart.

Three Reasons To Check Out Collage! By Zach Matari

3 Reasons to check out Collage!

Three short, great reasons why you should come to “Collage!”. If you don’t know what “Collage!” is, then let me take a 84 seconds to deliver you the opportunity of a lifetime. Click and come on this journey – by Zach Matari.