Emily Case is a sophomore at William Paterson University. She is a Popular Music major and Music Management minor. Emily is the Vice President of the Music & Entertainment Organization on campus for the 2016-2017 school year. She is currently the guitarist for pop artist, Gina Royale, and the guitarist for the R&B band, The Switch Mob. You can reach her at casee1@student.wpunj.edu or find her on LinkedIn HERE.


The Power of Music & The Feeling That Comes With It

By Emily Case

The power of music is such a broad phrase. It can be interpreted in many unique ways, but when I think of the power of music, I think of that feeling that you get down your spine or the goosebumps you get when a song hits the right

Quote about the power of music by Johnny Depp.
Quote about the power of music by Johnny Depp.

nerve. It could be that feeling you get at a concert when your favorite band is about to hit the stage or if you play music, it’s that feeling right before you’re about to hit the stage. It’s one of those feelings that’s hard to explain, but you know it’s there.

Music is powerful enough to make you feel something. Whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, etc., it can unintentionally force you to feel that emotion. There have been times when I have heard a song that I can’t relate to, but it was so powerful that it made me feel what the songwriter was trying to get across.

When the music’s so powerful and you just can’t control yourself.

Not only can music make you feel a certain emotion, it’s there to accompany whatever emotion you may be feeling that day. If I’m about to play a show, I’m usually feeling very energetic and excited, so my playlist for that day will usually include upbeat music. I’ll listen to songs like “Wasted” by The Summer Set or “I Feel Alive” by We The Kings (both are listed in the playlist below).

Music is a great outlet to let your emotions out. It could be through writing a song or just by being at a concert. For me, the feeling of writing a song versus being at a concert is very similar. There is something so freeing about both. Songwriting is the musical version of writing a journal. You’re able to lose yourself in your song and let all of your emotions out while doing something you love. Being at a concert is the musical version of therapy. You’re able to lose yourself in the moment and forget about anything that is going wrong.

Sometimes the power of music is something that you can’t even describe. It turns into a physical feeling instead of an emotional feeling. That chill down your spine that you get when you hear a certain song? That’s called frisson. It’s a French word that means “aesthetic chills”. I always try to find music that gives me this feeling, because when a song can make you physically feel something, then to me, it must be something special.


I’ve created a playlist of songs that I feel are very powerful. These songs have either helped me get through a rough time, amped me up for a performance, or have given me that feeling of frisson. Enjoy!

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