Rob Fusari single artwork

Rob Fusari’s new single, “Don’t Let Love Down,” is available today everywhere.  See below for proof!

Out Today – Rob Fusari’s New Single: “Don’t Let Love Down”

It’s out! The new single by Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Rob Fusari! Why care? 1) It’s a good song, and good songs make you happy, which help you live a complete life. 2) It’s “Beatle-esque.” If you are a big fan of the Fab Four, listen to the song and pick out influences to specific Beatles songs. That’s fun, which makes you happy and able to live that complete life. 3) A William Paterson University class is tasked with turning this track into a worldwide #1 hit. So we all have a lot of work to do. But if we, the world, do this together, we’ll all be happy, abolish war, and live forever. Completely. We Are The World. Please go to the link in our bio and watch the video on YouTube. It’s a fun visual experience, and we all know now what fun can do to a human lifespan. See you in heaven!

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