Your Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify Playlist
Your Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify Playlist
What’s your latest playlist look like?

Your Professor Philp is about to head out to Nashville (Music City) and Memphis, Tennessee by automobile.  What should the boy listen to?  He looked through his 8-tracks.  Oops.  No 8-track player in the car.  He looked through his cassettes.  Uh oh – there was a gray mildew on his favorite Huey Lewis & The News tape.  The CDs were too bulky and the LPs would skip with every Route 81 pothole.

Then, Philp had an idea, an ingenious idea.  It was the kind of idea that you (or he) only get once a year.  Why not make a Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify Playlist?  Nobody told him no, so he went ahead and fired up Spotify (Philp only uses the free version; there aren’t a lot of ads [yet] and when one popped up, he could sing something relevant out loud until the spot ended).

Your good ole Professor clicked on the New Playlist tab on his left and typed “Memphis, Nashville & Tennessee Songs.”

In the Search field, Philp typed in “Memphis.”  After finding a gazillion songs and dragging a bunch into the playlist, he typed in “Nashville.”  There were fewer songs, but still plenty of fodder for listening.  Finally, he typed in “Tennessee” and did some dragging.

The result?  197 songs, or 11 hours & 43 minutes of music.

If Philp listened from start to finish, there would be enough music to get him from Wayne, New Jersey to the Tennessee border and a little bit more (it’s a 13+-hour drive to Nashville).  Will he do that?  Well, there will be a wife (his wife, not just any wife) and two kids (girls, his offspring, aged 13 & 10) sharing the ride with him.  Maybe he’ll get to listen to his full list.

Your Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify PlaylistMaybe he won’t.

Whether he does or not, here’s your Music Biz Tip: If you’re going to be doing something special, like playing a gig or putting out a new song, why not construct a playlist (you can do this other places too, like YouTube) to help promote your gig/song/release? You’ll pull fans in because they’ll hopefully share your taste in music.  And if you sneak your tracks into the playlist, you’ll get some folks to listen to your tunes as well.

All for the price of free.

What’s your latest playlist?  Let us know, mmmkay?

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