Music Biz class with Sean Gilday & Rachel Hill

By Kari Keller

Karissa Keller Spotify the music industry's new scapegoat

Kari Keller is an MBA Music Management major graduating in May 2015. She completed her BS in business administration: marketing & music business from Albright College in Reading, PA in 2013. Kari is currently interning at Live Nation NYC and also spent this past summer as a student associate in the bookings/marketing department at Madison Square Garden.

Music Business Internships – How Do I Get Ahead?

Hi Prof. Philp,

Great chat yesterday! Here’s just a little summary of the main points I have noticed when observing other interns, applications for internships, or my colleagues who I have interned under:

  • Labels and bigger industry organizations (ie: Live Nation) especially, will sometimes not even look at your resume if it is more than one page. If it is, they are not pleased about it
  • Resumes need to be proof-read by other people. I’ve made this mistake before and it’s not fun. I’ve also been on the receiving end of poorly crafted resumes and it doesn’t make the employers very impressed because it shows lack of thoughtfulness/time
  • How you respond to interest from a business, via email or phone, makes a difference. Using formalities such as “Dear Ms. or Mr.” and obviously saying thank you are good practices. One line responses you type on your phone don’t do much for showing professionalism or that you care
  • Saying thank you is super, ridiculously important! It takes less than two minutes to write an email and a hand-written card is even better. I’ve seen potential candidates who haven’t said thank you one way or another and this was a factor in the employer not hiring them
  • If you get the gig, don’t act like anything is beneath you. Filing or cutting fliers may not be super fun, but if you do it with a good attitude and show you care, it goes a long way
  • Always be nice (or try to), stay in touch, and build relationships because that’s how you get gigs!

Hope this helps you prepare in some way for your seminar or at least we’re on the same page. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Thanks again for your all your help/support!



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