Gina Royale is a sophomore at William Paterson University, majoring in Popular Music and minoring in English and Music Management. A creative soul at heart, Gina is a passionate singer-songwriter. She has released two EPs of original music and plans to release more in the future. Currently, Gina spends her time in class, on stage, or on the couch with her cats, Nellie and Gracie at her home in Blairstown, New Jersey.



Music Brings People Together Better Than Any Politician

Music: A Powerful Tool

Music is incredible. It can mend a heart, touch a soul, brighten a day, and inspire a generation.  Music is there for us at our best times and our worst times. I have seen music do amazing things in my own lifetime: console a broken person, amplify a workout at the gym, and bring meaning to a special occasion. But, perhaps the most powerful thing that I have seen music do is bring people together.



“Let me soothe your soul.” -Guitar

Music Unites

For centuries, music has had this compelling power to unify others for a single purpose. Whether it’s an animal rights activist band, or a Bruce Springsteen concert, music makes people gather for what’s important to them. This aspect of music is most powerful when it is used to unify others to combat hate. In a world with too much envy, prejudice, greed, and hate, music is the universal medicine which we all turn to.



What doctors should be prescribing

My Personal Experience

I have my own experience with music’s unifying power. On November 4, 2008, President Barack Obama was elected for his first term in office. A young Hispanic girl made a sign with her parents out of cloth reading “Go Obama!” after the announcement of his victory. That night, several neighbors, who were unsatisfied with the election results, took the family’s sign off their porch, wrapped it around a wooden cross that they had made, and burned it on their lawn. Upon waking up, the family was devastated at the hate crime on their lawn. Almost immediately, the community worked together to organize a “unity march”, which would take place a few days later. My father is a songwriter, and one of the songs on his debut album is entitled “Heal the World With Me”. He was asked to perform this song at the peace rally, to have it serve as an anthem of peace.



Here’s a video of the Unity March, my father’s song and live performance is featured throughout the video.

United on The Front Lawn

About 150 people of different races, orientations, and political affiliations showed up at the Hardwick Municipal Building to join forces. With signs in hand voicing messages of peace and unity, we started our march. We made our way to the house of the family who was affected by the hate crime, and what happened next was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen. After the father of the family, the mayor, and several others spoke, my father and his vocalist, Gwynne, started to perform “Heal the World With Me”. As the song started, everyone in attendance formed a massive circle on the lawn, hand in hand, and sang along. It was beautiful. A large group of people from different backgrounds, together for one purpose, joined together by a song. It was this spontaneous moment that fueled the rest of the peace rally.


Here’s a gif of the actual rally. That’s actually me running with the sign!

11 Songs to Combat Hate


If you’re looking for songs to promote peace, acceptance, individuality, etc, LOOK NO FURTHER. Here’s a playlist, entitled “Songs to Combat Hate” for just that.

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