Joel Rodriguez

WPU Music Biz Student: Joel Rodriguez

Joel Rodriguez has never been certain about what he wants to do in the future, but he knows that he wants to be a part of the music industry. Rodriguez, who hails from Fort Lee, NJ, is a senior at William Paterson, majoring in Music Studies and minoring in Music Management.

Out of all of his classes at William Paterson, Joel has really enjoyed the ones taught by passionate music professors, including Professor Philp, Dr. Marcone, and Theo Metz. In his free time, he currently works with two bands that he believes both have huge potential.

Joel’s experience at William Paterson has been a very interesting one. He says that he has had a great time, and that he’s met tons of wonderful people and great musicians. While he isn’t exactly sure what’s ahead after graduation, he says, “In all honesty, any job that allows me to continue what I love doing is satisfying enough for me.”

By Sarah Dinetz, Class of 2016

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