Austin Rice, the dude in glasses who is also A&R Director for Atlantic Records, and Paul Sinclair, the fella with the mighty thumb who is also the Head of Digital Strategy, Marketing, eCommerce, and Produce Development for Atlantic Records, visited an MBA Music Tech class last week.  They talked about data collection and analysis.  Sexy stuff.

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Our next Music Biz 101 & More radio show this Wednesday night will feature Sean Striegel, a Sr. VP of Live Nation New York and New Jersey.  He’ll talk about the NY/NJ music scene and how development artists can catch the eye of agents, who’ll then book those artists in Live Nation venues.  This will be pretty cool, so tune in!

In the meantime, listen all of our other on-demand podcasts HERE.  If you missed the live shows, go back and listen to these guys.  It’s a free way to get an MBA in Music Biz Knowledge.

Last week was a sad week in the music industry as we lost so many souls in Las Vegas, followed by the death of Tom Petty.  We discuss both topics below.

Your Professor David Kirk Philp

Tom Petty’s Real Life Nightmares

We lost Tom Petty last week, and for those of us who grew up on his music, it’s, well, heartbreaking.  He and his band, The Heartbreakers, put out some of the best rock songs of the late-’70s and ’80s (and a few post-1980s as well).  If you have never heard of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, HERE is a Spotify playlist for you to sample.

In reading about the group, I came across a great article from a 1980 issue of Rolling Stone.  There’s a good description in here about a terrible contract Petty signed.  You need to read this article to learn more about a very important 20th century musician and to see what he did wrong.

The key takeaway:

“(Shelter Records owner Denny) Cordell offered the band free recording time and an exclusive recording contract with MCA-distributed Shelter. Petty, as the group’s songwriter, also signed over 100 percent of his song rights to Cordell’s Tarka Music in exchange for a $10,000 annual advance on royalties. “I thought publishing meant songbooks,” Petty now says. “I had no idea I’d never make any money if I did that.”

Click and read.

In Las Vegas, Concert Security Meets A New Threat: Aerial Assault
The worst mass killing in United States history took place a week ago, and its repercussions are being felt in the live music industry.  How does this horrible tragedy affect the safety of future concertgoers?  Click, read, and note how complex this is.

Why Taylor Swift Trademarks Her Lyrics And Why Others May Follow Suit
Our unintended obsession with Taylor Swift continues.  This time, we look into her strategy for trademarking lyrics as a way of truly owning her brand.  This first paragraph from the story should be enough to make you click.

Taylor Swift has made it clear to the world she controls her brand, and one tool the singer leverages regularly to achieve this goal is trademark law. Swift’s team has been regularly filing trademark applications for lyrics and other slogans under her holding company, TAS Rights Management LLC, striking down infringers in the process. But does it really work, and is this approach for everyone?”

Record Labels Are Dead (well, kind of). Long Live Label Services.

You’re a label exec doing cool stuff.  And then you’re not.  How do you take the skills you’ve been honing for your entire career and stay in the business?

Click and read about Jeff Moskow (left) and Jay Gilbert, who have figured out how to serve the needs of artists and labels and simultaneously put food on the table.

I worked with Jeff for a number of years at the Universal Music Group.  He’s a top notch guy.  And funny.  If you like what he’s doing, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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What is the single most important aspect of the music industry an artist manager needs to understand?

Melissa King – Tour/Production Manager (Weird Al, The Scorpions)

I find your question very interesting. It is very difficult to say that there is one thing that is more important than another for a manager to understand. Being an Artist Manager is a complex balance of business and personal relationships.

“For the most part, anyone can learn the legalities, how to read a contract, write a contract, make sure production is covered, figure out budgets and make the connections and relationships with other industry personnel to further your artist’s career.

“I think that the most important aspect that a good manager needs to understand is their actual artist. On a certain level it has to be more than just business. Although you don’t want to get too close personally where it affects your ability to manage the artist, you do need to be able to listen and understand where your artist is coming from when they express concerns or issues with any aspect of what is going on with their career. You need to be able to truly hear what they are saying and look at it as objectively as you possibly can.

“I believe that to make a relationship work in this business you need to be able to accept that there are times your artist is not going to want to do something that may be beneficial to their career. You need to be able to listen to their objections and communicate property with them to come to a compromise about the situation.

“Let’s face it – artists are not going to always do what we think is in their best interest. Who knows after speaking with them about it we may discover they were right to feel that way and change our opinion of the situation.

It is very important to have that open communication so that you know when something is or isn’t working for your artist. So that your artist does not have a problem coming to you to discuss issues they are having. I believe that as long as you have that degree of communication, you and your artist, can forge a bond that will make both of your careers successful and be able to be happy in a very stressful industry.”


Live Nation Acquires Utah Promoter United Concerts

Get big and get bought.  Start small, be great, get bit, and get bought.  That’s how it works in the music biz.  That means it happens that way with concert promotion.  Since we have a Live Nation top dawg coming on the radio show this week, you should have some idea as to how that part of the industry works.  Short article.  Give a click and give a read.

Win FREE Warner Music Group Stuff!

We’re going to offer a weekly giveaway here starting now.  No purchase necessary.  Here’s all you gotta do, in the words of WMG College Representative Kellyn Barnes (pictured above with WP’s MEO (Music & Entertainment Organization):

“I’m working with Liam Gallagher. The former lead singer of Oasis. His debut album “As You Were” was just released on Friday, 10/6. Liam’s four singles “Greedy Soul”, “For What It’s Worth”, “Chinatown”, and “Wall of Glass” are out on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

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There!  That’s pretty easy!!

By the way, did you know Warner Music had their own college-based website, called Warner U?  Now you do.

Podcast of the Week: Ryan Star – Singer/Songwriter/Stationhead Co-Founder

Want to feel inspired?  Listen to this great interview with Ryan Star, who has been on TV reality shows, been signed (and let go from) four labels, opened for Bon Jovi, and lived the DIY life. He talks about how that led him to Stationhead, a very cool app you should know about.

How can your experiences lead to personal success?  Let Ryan help guide you and click.

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Rocktober 11 – Sean Striegel – VP, Live Nation 

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  • November 1 – Terry Currier – Music Millennium (top indie retailer)

  • November 8 – Ariel Hyatt – Cyber PR 

  • November 15 – Jay Van Dyke – WP alum; formerly of The Lumineers

  • December 13 – Chris Roslan – WP alum; President at Roslan & Campion PR 

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