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Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show Theme Song Contest
Here’s Music Biz 101 & More co-host Dave Philp discussing the big & awesome Theme Song Contest with Country music legends Roy Acuff & Minnie Pearl.

Music Biz 101 Theme Song Contest

Here’s your chance for international fame!  Here’s your chance to tell all your friends and all of those who offered you unrequited love that YOU – yes, YOU! – are indeed a force to be reckoned with.  Read the mathematical expression below:

Music Biz 101 & More Theme Song Contest + Your Song = Potential Joy

Here’s a short video that gives you da lowdown:

Here’s a video of a song called “Lowdown” by Boz Scaggs that you should know just because (especially drummers):

You’ve seen the video and skipped over Skaggs.  Here are the contest rules:

Important Dates:

  • 9/3 Announcement
  • 11/5 Entries Due
  • 11/19 First Round Winners Announced
  • 12/10 Final Winner Announced; Song Played
  • 01/14 Winner Guests Hosts first show of 2015

 Your Submission:

  • Must be received by 11:59 PM EST on November 5, 2014
  • Can be of any musical style you wish – Hip-Hop, Country, Instrumental, Humorous
  • The Brave New Radio Award
    Always wanted your stuff on the radio? Here’s your chance!!

    No purchase necessary…

  • Although you should listen to the show to know what it’s all about
  • Download it to your phone HERE
  • Or stream it Wednesday nights at 8:00 HERE

 Where & How Do You Submit?

  • Submissions by email only
  • Submit to philpd@wpunj.edu

Judging Criteria

  • We can’t answer that.  The winning song will stand out somehow.
  • Maybe it’s hilarious.
  • Maybe it reminds us of the NBC Nightly News theme.
  • Maybe it’s so unique that we can’t put our finger on why it should win.
  • Bottom Line?  Do your very, very best.

The Winner Receives:

  • Wait, let’s make this part more special…

The Winner Receives…

  • Their song played every week, for at least a year, as the Intro and Outro of your Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show.
  • On Air credits each week at the start and end of each show: “Our theme song was composed by…”
  • A special post here, on this website, paying tribute to your song.
  • And a congratulatory email lauding you to the Music Biz 101 & More mailing list.
  • Plus their picture on the Music Biz 101 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • Plus our winner will be the guest host of the first 2015 Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show on January 14 (you optimists will already mark that date down on your calendars).
  • A custom (but very simple) YouTube video of your song posted on the Music Biz 101 YouTube Page.

Last, but maybe not least, there’s this:

  • Finally, if you get your song onto Spotify (via CD Baby, TuneCore, or the service of your choice), we’ll include it as the first and last song on our Music Biz 101 & More Spotify Playlist.

NOTE:  As of September 14, 2014, the prizes have gotten even better.  Take a look at this additional stuff!

“Hey! What’s in it for me?”

Your Music Biz 101 & More Theme Song Contest Just Got Better For You!
Music Biz 101 & More radio show producer and Host of his own WPSC: Brave New Radio show, Phillip Gorokhovsky, wants YOU to win this Theme Song Contest so he can talk to you on the air!

What’s in it for you?  Take a look at these bullet points:

  • Experience writing “on spec.”  Someday, you may be fortunate enough to be asked to write a commercial for a brand, or tune to start the NBC Nightly News, or a 5-second accompaniment to the MGM Films logo.  Here’s your chance to learn how to do that.
  • Should you win, and you should, your music WILL get onto the #1 college radio station in the United States.  Besides your theme song ringing in the ears of our radio show & podcast listeners all over the world (yes, we have listeners from other countries not just named Canada) for at least a year, you’ll also get this…
  • Your best song will air in rotation on WPSC-FM for a month.  You’ll be a Brave New Artist for a month on Brave New Radio.  You should know it’s not easy to get your stuff on college radio.  Just ask the head of WPSC, Rob Quicke.  You can hear him talk about the difficulties for artists to get their music heard on his station HERE.

That one was a big deal.  I think we’ll put it in the Heading 1 font:

Your best song will air in rotation on WPSC-FM for a month.

But wait – there’s more!  Catch out these additional, FREE bullet points:

  • We pick the winner on December 10, 2014.  On January 14, 2015, that very same winner will receive a (minimum) 15-minute block of WPSC: Brave New Radio time during the 7pm-8pm Phillip Gorokhovsky show.  Our man Phillip will interview you and play 2 or 3 of your best songs on the air.  Did you read that right?  Big font again:

That very same winner will receive a (minimum) 15-minute block of WPSC: Brave New Radio time during the 7pm-8pm Phillip Gorokhovsky show.

So, what chu gonna do?  This is a great opportunity to get those songwriting chops ready for the real world, when somebody might ask you to write a jingle or movie theme or miniature golf theme for them.  Do this.  But start now!  Remember – Final submissions are due November 5th at 11:59 PM EST.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED!

Go for it!  Now listen to some songs that we’ve already chosen as part of that fantasmagorical playlist.

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