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RCA Records Co-President, Joe Riccitelli, chats during a 2019 episode of Music Biz 101 & More with Music & Entertainment Industries minor, Madeline Dean.
Doc McGhee Music Biz 101 & More
Legendary manager Doc McGhee was a guest in Fall, 2016 and again in Summer, 2019.

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Music & Entertainment industry interviews with interesting people from companies like this:

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Goldberg & Young WMG Music Biz 101 & More
Dan Goldberg, far left, and Matt Young, far right, two big time VPs at Warner Music Artist Services, were guests with Doc Marcone (in blue) and Professor David Kirk Philp in Summer, 2016.
Live Nation’s Sean Striegel hung with us for a most excellent chat!

What are you doing every Wednesday night at 8pm?  Here’s what you should be doing – listening to MusicBiz 101 & More, the weekly radio show about all things Music (& Entertainment) Biz, hosted by William Paterson University professors Dr. Stephen Marcone and David Philp.


1.  “Um, how do I hear it?”

If you’re in Northern New Jersey, turn your FM dial to 88.7.  That’s how you can listen via good old fashioned terrestrial radio.  You’ll have the beautiful voices of Professors Marcone and Philp, plus a special industry guest/WPU faculty member, and student co-host waft through your eardrums (no charge!).

Now, you might not be in Northern New Jersey.  Or, quite possibly, you are but you’re out of range (or, out of habit, you don’t listen to over-the-air radio).  If that’s the case, you can stream the show LIVE!  Yes, that’s right.  We’re that cool.  To be cool like us, just click HERE.

We’ve interviewed both Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC and Mark Goodman, original MTV VJ, although not at the same time, in Spring, 2017.


For a link to EVERY PODCAST, click HERE.

John “JK” Kennedy, tour manager of The Smithereens, sat in on a stupendous show in March, 2020.

2.  Why Should I Listen?

Because there isn’t another show like it anywhere en Los Estados Unidos.  This is the go-to show to hear all about:

  • How to make money in the Music & Entertainment biz
  • What Publishing is and how it affects you
  • How do I start my own label?
  • When do I need a lawyer?
  • What if my band breaks up?
  • When is it legal, or not, to sample beats?
  • How do I get a job in the biz?
  • Where can I learn all of this stuff?

We’ll answer these questions, and more, over the course of this weekly one-hour show.

Mike Easterlin interview
Mike Easterlin, President of Fueled By Ramen and Roadrunner Records, was a guest in Spring, 2016.
Julie Greenwald Music Biz 101 & More
Julie Greenwald, President of Atlantic Records, appeared on the radio show in June, 2015.

3.  Who are Marcone & Philp?

Who are Marcone & Philp?  How can you ask such a question?  Well, you did and it’s out there; there’s no going back. Just click HERE for our PODCAST and download a bunch of Music Biz 101 & More radio shows and, while you’re at it, learn all about Dr. Stephen Marcone, Professor David Philp and the Music Management & Pop Music programs at William Paterson University in scenic Wayne, New Jersey.

Music Biz 101 & More radio show

Portia Sabin music biz 101 & more
Dr. Portia Sabin, President of the Music Business Association, was a guest in March, 2020.
Angelo Badalamenti music biz 101 & More
Film composer Angelo Badalamenti, third from right, was a guest in April, 2015.


You can also listen to any show you missed!  That’s right, we won’t steer you wrong. We’re also available as a podcast HERE.  

The Music Biz 101 & More podcast is been available via the Music Biz 101 website, iTunes, and on SoundCloud.

Music Biz 101 & More on iTunes

Music Biz 101 & More: Available on iTunes HERE

Music Biz 101 & More: Available HERE on SoundCloud

Listen to interviews with (among others):

  • Mike Easterlin – President Roadrunner & Fueled By Ramen Records
  • Michael Simon – CEO Rumblefish
  • Doc McGhee – Legendary artist manager
  • John Scher – Legendary concert promoter
  • Steve Leeds – Sirius/XM Radio
  • Karl Guthrie – Entertainment Attorney Extraordinaire
  • Dr. Rob Quicke – Founder of World College Radio Day
  • Dr. E. Michael Harrington – Copyright/Intellectual Property Expert
  • George Dassinger – PR Guru (that means Expert)
  • Aaron Van Duyne – Business Manager for KISS, Dave Matthews Band, and more
  • Harvey Leeds – Personal Manager for Southside Johnny
  • Elena Lanza – Independent Dance Radio Consultant
  • Dr. Dave Demsey – Coordinator Jazz Studies Program, William Paterson University
  • Paul Sinclair – Head of Digital Strategy, Marketing, eCommerce, and Product Development at Atlantic Records
  • Jane Stein – Performing Arts Presenter, William Paterson University
  • Sean Gilday & Rachel Hill – Agents, Blue Raven Entertainment
  • Wayne Chernin – Island & Republic Records
  • Steve Corbin – WEA &Lupo Entertainment

    Adam Kornfeld Music Biz
    Booking agent Adam Kornfeld was a guest in Spring, 2015.
  • Dave Lory – Jeff Buckley/Courtney Love Manager
  • Chris Henderson – Guitarist for 3 Doors Down
  • Frank Robbins – Guitar Tech/Hall & Oates and moe.
  • Howard Freeman – Executive Producer Quick Chek NJ Festival of Ballooning & Rock, Ribs, & Ridges Festival
  • Chris Butler – Songwriter/Guitarist for The Waitresses & Tin Huey
  • Ron Bienstock – Music Business Attorney
  • Rob Fusari – 2-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer
  • Al Cohen – Founder, ACM Records
  • Jim Neglia – Personnel Manager, NJ Symphony Orchestra
  • Lauren Marsh – Independent Artist
  • Rosie Lopez – President, Tommy Boy Entertainment
  • Adam Kornfeld – Booking/Talent Agent, AGI (Artist Group International)
  • Harry Weinger – Universal Music Enterprises & 2-time Grammy winner
  • James Donio – President, Music Business Association
  • Zach Matari/Enki Bello – DIY Artists & Future Stars
  • Michael Kurtz – Co-Founder Record Store Day
  • Angelo Badalamenti – Film & Television Soundtrack Composer  
  • Josh Bernstein – Alternative Press Music Awards Show Producer  
  • Jerry Lembo – Music Business Consultant
  • Steve Walter – Co-Owner The Cutting Room
  • Joanne Kelsey – VP Administration, Razor & Tie
  • Sean Rosenberg – Engagement Director at Huge
  • Julie Greenwald – Chairman/COO Atlantic Records 
  • Donna Eichmeyer – Live Nation VP of Marketing
Benji Rogers Music Biz 101 & More
PledgeMusic Founder Benji Rogers, a very special guest in late-2016.
  • Alissa Pollack – Executive VP iHeartMedia
  • Lee Anne Callahan-Longo – Parkwood Entertainment GM
  • Jim Leavitt – The Orchard
  • Benji Rogers – PledgeMusic & Blockchain
  • Paul Resnikoff – Digital Music News
  • Riggs Morales – Atlantic Records A&R
  • Jake Ottman – Warner/Chappel A&R
  • Mike Kealey – Motor Scout Music
  • Michael McDonald – Artist Mgr (Mick Management)
  • Ken Jacobson – Videogame music composer
  • Darryl “DMC” McDaniels
  • Dell Furano – Founder, Epic Rights
  • Mark Goodman – Original MTV VJ
  • Dr. Richard Burgess – President, A2IM
  • Kevin Erickson – National Organizing Director, Future of Music
  • Jim Mahoney – U.S. GM of Merlin 
Music Biz 101 & More Live Radio
Our live radio show – October, 2016.

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Rob Fusari Music Biz 101 & More podcast
That’s Doc Marcone, on the left, and Professor David Kirk Philp, on the right, making a sandwich out of 2-time Grammy winner Rob Fusari.

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7 Replies to “Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show”

  1. Hey guys,
    I love your podcast. Great guests and insight. I listen to it regularly.

    I’d like to nominate myself as a potential guest. I was at Live Nation and Ticketmaster for 11 years managing digital for U2, Sting, The Who, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Slayer and many others. Check out my site – so, my area of expertise is managing artist official digital for some of the biggest artists in the world.

    If there is any interest, hit me back. Bless you!
    Tim Honan

  2. Hey there,

    My name is JonnySavag, I work for Ghostcraft Music. Founded by Billboard charting UK producer LX Xander, Ghostcraft is an LA based music production & artist development company specializing in darker urban & pop music.

    Collectively, our production credits include a plethora of major artists including Future, Snoop Dogg, Royce Da 5’9, Hopsin, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, KXNG CROOKED, Caskey, Wretch 32, JLS, & Gabrielle Aplin. We’ve worked with many major companieslike Warner, RCA, VH1, Interscope, BBC, WorldStar, FOX, Channel 4, Island Records, VICE, Cleopatra Records & The Orchard.

    The two lead producers in the company are LX Xander (founder) and King Wizard. You can find a full bio for LX Xander at King Wizard has been in the production game for over 10 years and worked with major UK artists including Wretch 32, Gabriel Aplin, Ghetts and JLS, and on projects for companies including the BBC, Channel 4, Island Records, ATC and many more.

    LX and Wizard are currently looking to expand the Ghostcraft brand by doing interviews & brand collaborations with media outlets such as yourselves. Both are very comfortable on camera & in an interview setting and have reams of value to share with your followers. Check out the link below to see a podcast-style video of them discussing creative block in Miami:

    I’d love to speak with you about how we can collaborate on a segment or feature with LX Xander or King Wizard (or both of them). Please drop me an email back – definitely think we have a lot of value to share with your followers!

    Kind regards,


    Producer & Artist Liaison

    GHOSTCRAFT MUSIC (Credits: Future | Rick Ross | Alien Ant Farm | Caskey | Gucci Mane | Hopsin | Royce Da 5’9 | KXNG Crooked | Hi-Rez | Madchild | Sean Strange | Reel Wolf | VH1 | VICE | FOX )

    Instagram | YouTube

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