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** Our guests this week are …

The recording of Music Biz 101 & More Live! from this past Rocktober!

The show features talk from: 

John Boulos – Atlantic Records

Karissa Keller – Columbia Records

Stephen Dallas – Warner/Chappell Music Publishing

Paul Rizzo – The Bitter End

Don Nottingham – Formerly of Straight No Chaser

Listen to them discuss the current music industry and how YOU can make it – assuming you put in the work!

From L to R: Karissa Keller, Don Nottingham, Professor David Kirk Philp.

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From L to R: Philp, Keller, Paul Rizzo, Nottingham, Stephen Dallas.
The panel listens to a possibly interesting question.
Doc Marcone addresses the panel.
Radio show engineer Ashley Weltner works the portable board.

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Music Biz 101 & More is the only college radio-based FREE advice music & entertainment biz talk show in all of the Americas.  Hosted by William Paterson University professors Dr. Stephen Marcone and David Philp, who are also co-authors of Managing Your Band – 6th Edition, the show airs live most Wednesdays at 8PM EST on WPSC: Brave New Radio.

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