Emily Case is a sophomore at William Paterson University. She is a Popular Music major and Music Management minor. Emily is the Vice President of the Music & Entertainment Organization on campus for the 2016-2017 school year. She is currently the guitarist for pop artist, Gina Royale, producer Tima D, and R&B artist, Chris Herrera. You can reach her at casee1@student.wpunj.edu or find her on LinkedIn HERE.


Mayday Parade: The Pop Punk Band That Changed Who I Am

By Emily Case

Mayday Parade is a huge part of the reason that I am pursuing music. They have challenged me, made me think about music in a different way, and have been there for many firsts in the musical part of my life.

It all started when my friend texted me saying to look up this band called Mayday Parade on YouTube. She had told me to look up any acoustic version of the song “Three Cheers for Five Years” and to learn how to play it on guitar. The record that the song was on was a few years, so I didn’t understand why she wanted me to learn this older song when they . As soon as the opening riff started, I knew why she said to learn it.

We were both going to challenge each other with this song. She was going to sing the melody and some of the harmonies, which for her was challenging. I was going to learn this piano part on guitar and sing mainly harmonies and some of the melodies at the same time. This was the song that was going to challenge me as a musician. It would become the song that made me confident in myself as a guitarist.

Me with Alex Garcia, lead guitarist (left) and Brooks Betts, rhythm guitarist (right), both of Mayday Parade.

When I began to really understand and appreciate music more than I ever did, I started listening to them in a new light. I started getting those chills down the back of my spine when I heard certain parts of their songs. I started to feel the music instead of just listen to the music.

A lot of firsts happened because of Mayday Parade. I went to my first general admission concert to see Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd, The Starting Line, and All Time Low. I had my first terrible performance playing a Mayday Parade song in front of my family and friends and won my first contest because one of the songs that impressed the crowd was a cover of a Mayday Parade song. The first band that I ever met was Mayday Parade. The first shirt that I made for a concert was a Mayday Parade themed shirt. The list goes on.

Lately, my music tastes have changed, so they are not the first band I put on when I wake up in the morning, but they will always be the band that changed who I am.

Me with Derek Sanders, lead vocalist (right) and Jeremy Lenzo, bass (left), both of Mayday Parade.

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