Lauren Marsh Oh Oh My Heart

Lauren Marsh graduated from William Paterson this past May with a degree in Pop Music.  She’s killing it.  KILLING IT!  Her music is poppy and her voice is totally unique.  Combine the two and you’ve got something special.  Watch the video below, which she produced.  When you talk about today’s DIY artists, Lauren is one who’s doing it right.

Special Note: Check out her video description on the YouTube page.  This is an area where artists usually leave blank or provide only the basic information.  Use it – it’s free!  Do like what Lauren does and add lyrics, video notes, give a shout-out.  In the words of Steve Winwood, “While you see a chance, take it.”  In our words here, when you see space, use it.

Now, on to Lauren Marsh and “Oh Oh (Hold My Heart).”


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