“Just Look Up” Lyrics From Ariana Grande feat. Kid Cudi

“Just Look Up” is a song by American singer Ariana Grande and American rapper Kid Cudi. The song was written by two artists, with Nicholas Britell and Taura Stinson, for the 2021 satirical science fiction film Don’t Look Up (starring both artists). The song was released on December 3, 2021 for streaming and digital download prior to the release of the soundtrack.

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi each star in the film as pop music power couple Riley Bina and DJ Chello. In satirical fashion, news of their fluctuating relationship dominates the media, surpassing news of the inevitable destruction of Earth. This song begins as a love song, then turns into a call to listen to scientists’ message that humanity doesn’t have much time left on this planet.

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi are featured in the film “Don’t Look Up” along with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence whose film summary states, “Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence), an astronomy graduate student, and her professor Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio) ) the surprising discovery of a comet orbiting within the solar system. The problem — it collided with Earth. Another problem? No one really cares. It turns out that humanity’s warnings about a killer planet the size of Mount Everest are an uncomfortable fact to navigate.

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Lyrics Just Look Up – Ariana Grande

(Ariana Grande)
Mm-mm, hmm
Ah, ah

We knew no bounds
Fell at the speed of sound
Ridin’ against all odds, but soon against ourselves
You haunted every memory
With no goodbyes, all bad for me
Your pride put out the fire in our flames

Then just one look is all it takes
I feel your eyes, they’re locked on every part of me
And then my dumb heart says

Just look up
There is no place to hide
True love doesn’t die
It holds on tight and never lets you go
Just look up

You cannot deny the signs
What you’ve waited for
Don’t wait no more
It’s right up above you
Just look up

(Kid Cudi)
Know I let you down, a nigga can’t deny it (Uh-huh)
And there’s so much I could lose and, yes, that matters (Yeah)
I’ve been dealin’ with madness (Yo)
Wasn’t the man you needed (Hmm)

You dealin’ with sadness, truthfully, it’s all on me (Hmm)
And I’m sorry, my love
I’ma heal your heart, I’ll hold it in my hand (Ooh)
Time is oh so precious, we don’t really have much left now (Ooh)
Take my hand, baby, never leave you, Riley

(Ariana Grande)
Look up, what he’s really trying to say
Is get your head out of your ass
Listen to the goddamn qualified scientists
We really fucked it up, fucked it up this time
It’s so close, I can feel the heat big time

And you can act like everything is alright
But this is probably happening in real time
Celebrate or cry or pray, whatever it takes
To get you through the mess that we made
‘Cause tomorrow may never come

Just look up
Turn off that shit Box News
‘Cause you’re about to die soon everybody
Ooh, I, I, oh, I
Look up
Here it comes
I’m so glad I’m here with you forever
In your arms

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