Imagine taking this…(AKA your traditional Meet and Greet)

Meet and Greet

To this!

Bryce Avary

Now add food and just think of the awesome time you’d have.

That’s where we come in. Welcome to:

Foozic! The new Meet and Greet AND Eat Experience!

Food + Music = Foozic.




Mission Statement: Foozic exists to connect two things you love: food and music. We bring awesome artists and their awesome fans together over a meal for a Meet and Greet AND Eat experience unlike any other.


Where Do We Start?

While we have big dreams, we understand that Foozic can’t become a nationwide company overnight. Therefore, we are starting small and will be focusing on one major festival in the New Jersey area this summer of 2014. This event will be used as test run from which we can take away customer and artist responses, what we did well, what we can improve on, and how to continue to grow our company and brand.

The festival of choice for our launch will be the Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, New Jersey held from July 25th – 27th. Attracting over 50,000 attendees, this free festival features at least 60 world-class performances over a 3 day stretch. The three-day festival is themed “A Celebration of Spirit and Dance” and features a wide range of entertainment with a large audience that we think will be perfect to try out our services.

Since the festival is 3 days long, we would like to run 3 different Foozic events (one for each day). We will host one event per night utilizing both chain and local restaurants as our gathering places. The eateries we look to partner with are: Joe’s Crab Shack, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, and McGovern’s Tavern. Each of these restaurants features a different style of food and atmosphere that fits with the melting pot style of the Lincoln Park Music Festival thus appealing to a large number of people.

How Much Will You Pay?

We understand that concerts are already expensive enough. Therefore, we would like to start with a price of $12 at the door with $0.50 from each patron donated to the Save the Music Foundation.  However, depending on the popularity of the artists appearing at the event, we may charge fans a slightly higher admission fee due to the uniqueness and specialness of the event as well as to cover costs that artists may demand of us for their appearance.

Think that’s cool? Then why not sign up for a membership? $20 gets you early notification of Foozic events, first in line access, special content, birthday treats, and much more!

But How Are We Funding Foozic?

Foozic would like to apply to the New Jersey Business Incubation Network. This is a group of incubator companies such as Enterprise Dev Center Newark, Rutgers Camden Business Incubator, and JuiceTank that help new startups. Foozic is especially interested in affiliating with Juicetank and/or the Enterprise Dev Center as these incubators invest in or provide loans to small businesses respectively. Foozic hopes to get at least $1000 from this outlet.

Foozic owner’s family has also agreed to invest $2000 to help alleviate startup costs. Our company will treat this investment as a loan to be paid back at a later date as agreed upon by the lenders.

Foozic will also be utilizing crowdfunding through a campaign on Indiegogo. Our goal will be to raise another $2000 through the donations of people just as excited about our idea as we are! When we achieve our goal, Indiegogo will only take 4% of our total profits. If all goes well, we may even be able to raise more than our projected goal! As a thank you for their generosity and interest, we will be giving our donors gifts. Depending on the amount they donate, contributors will receive Foozic merchandise, discounted tickets to a Foozic event, a free Foozic membership, or potentially even a private meet and great with an artist.

What Makes Us So Special?

Foozic can excel because it provides a unique opportunity that few are privileged to. Meet and greet events are very difficult to come by for the majority of fans even though this is perhaps the best way for artists to convert their fans into the most active fanatic fan category. Meet and greet AND eat experiences are even harder to come by. Did you know that the Zach Brown Band has partnered with a chef in order to put on their own eat and greet barbecue experiences? There is also a company called Tunezy that allows users to pay for their artists to do things for them like sing a personalized birthday song, call them on the phone, or in some cases have dinner with them.

However, Foozic is better than both of these services. Our company will allow more than the standard amount of people in a traditional meet and greet to attend and it will leverage the popularity and versatility of commonly known restaurants. Local restaurants may also be used to take advantage of the local flavor as well as residents’ pride in their area. We will also target a wide range of artists giving fans more access to their idols. We are creative, passionate, dedicated, and willing to start small while never taking our eyes off the ultimate goal of being a national and maybe international company.

Hungry for more? Good! Maybe with your help we can make Foozic a reality!

Ringo Starr Giving Thumbs Up

Created by Karissa Keller     Connect with me here.

MBA Music Management Student at William Paterson University


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