Dear Music
Crowd Surfing (WITH GLASSES ON!!!) during The Story So Far at Warped Tour 2014.

Dear Music – Why Live Music Is The Best Music


Listening to music has always been my form of escapism.
Going to a concert was where I could forget everything and just focus on the music being performed in front of me.


The artists, the performances, the venues, it’s all mentally inscribed into my brain —
I will never forget any of the shows that I have been to.


Parkway Drive

The rush that you get when your favorite band plays your absolute favorite song is indescribable. No matter what you can’t help but dance, bounce around with the beat, crowd surf or mosh. It’s a feeling that can be seen, with the goosebumps that you get on your arms and the chills that run through your body.

TTNG, Mylets

There’s no better place to be than at a live concert. Not only are you supporting an artist that you really, really enjoy but you’re also showing them that there is a reason why they’re there, there’s a reason why they’re making music.

Listening to an artist’s album then going to see that artist perform are two completely different feelings. Sure, you can get chills from a certain song off that album, but then when you get the opportunity to see it performed, the chills that you feel are multiplied by an infinite amount. They don’t go away. And whether you’re on your way home from the concert, lying in bed after the concert, or waking up the next morning, you can’t help but replay the full concert in your head.

I always find myself thinking “why did those four hours have to go by so quickly!!!!!



So… Here’s my list of the Top 10 Bands that I think that everyone who reads this post should see.


Sure, the music that I listen to might not be your cup of tea and I’m sure some people will disagree
but hey, this is an opinion post!


No matter what you should continue going to see your favorite artists.
You should continue giving them a reason to make music for their fans.
Most importantly, you should never stop supporting music, whether it’s local musicians or big name artists.
If it wasn’t for the fans that every single artst has, there wouldn’t be any live shows.


The Jess Frank, WP Class of 2016

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