Dear Music- I'm Sorry: Why 21st Century Rock Music Doesn't Suck
Dear Music: I'm Sorry: Why 21st Century Rock Music Doesn't Suck
Music has had a profound impact on countless people, including myself.

Dear Music,

I’m sorry that people think you suck nowadays. Just ignore them. You don’t need them in your life. People just need to be reminded that there is still good music out there, if you know where to look.

Why 21st Century Rock Music Doesn’t Suck

There is still great Rock music being made today! In fact, there is probably more good music being made today than in the last 50 years because there are so many bands and with the new technology available, more of them are able to create studio-quality music. Rock purists will argue that “everything on the radio is trash,” and I would be tempted to agree for the most-part, but that is not where good Rock music is being showcased. To find today’s great Rock bands, you will probably have to dig deeper, and more underground, but I promise you that they are there.

Dear Music- I'm Sorry: Why 21st Century Rock Music Doesn't Suck
“Please Tell Me About How All Music Sucks” -Condescending Wonka

Kids are going out to Basement shows in cities and college campuses all over the country, and that is where the greatest, and most original music (in my humble opinion) is being played in the 21st Century. These bands are taking the roots that the Rock n’ Roll and Punk forefathers gave them, and re-inventing them in new and exciting ways that are preserving that rebellious spirit that we have come to know and love.

To these kids, it isn’t about the money (but gas money to get to the next show is very helpful) and they are just looking to get other people to hear their music. Touring bands even come through these basements from all over the country.

Dear Music- I'm Sorry: Why 21st Century Rock Music Doesn't Suck
“Semiotics” at the Banana Stand in New Brunswick, NJ

Not only the bands in these Basement communities fantastic, but so are the fans! The fans are so supportive and open to hearing new bands, it blows my mind. I grew up playing music in the “pay-to-play” system where people showed up to a venue at whatever time their friends band was playing, listened to their 30-40 minute set, then left. At Basement shows, people come early, socialize outside, and when a band is about to go on, they all climb into the basement, listen intently and support whatever band is on, then when they finish they go back outside and repeat the cycle FOR EVERY BAND!

This is where Rock kids are discovering new music – not from the radio but from seeing bands they have never heard of before at Basement shows.

Some of the best young talent I have ever seen, I have seen the New Brunswick Basement community in just the last 6 months. It is mind-blowing how great the scene is. The people in the bands, the fans, the people who run the houses, and most importantly: the music.

Below is a Playlist of videos from a bunch of my favorite young Rock bands. Just a small taste of the huge amount of talent that is out there right now.

Rock Music doesn’t suck in the 21st Century, and I would even go so far to say that I think it is in great hands. I have never had so much confidence in the future of Rock Music.

Bobby Mahoney- Class of ’17

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