Tool: My Grand Canyon Musical Influence

Tool logo

“I vividly remember going to see Tool live in Wichita, KS. Typically at concerts, I would be moving around place to place, dodging gorillas in the mosh pit, and generally having a party of the show. However, this show was different. It was the first time I stood in a single place through the entire show and was somehow hypnotized by the spectacle of it all.” Click to read more!

Music Biz Co-Host David Philp Appears On “Garden State Sound” Friday

Professor David Philp, co-host with Doc Steve Marcone of the Music Biz 101 & More radio show, will appear on WFDU’s “Garden State Sound” radio show on Friday, July 24th at 4pm. Click for details.

Where Do I Go To School? An Open Letter To Prospective Music Industry Students

Music in Social Media II William Paterson University

Your favorite Professor Philp was asked by the father of a potential student why his son should consider choosing William Paterson University and its Music Biz programs. Click to read the response.