Five Lessons from Shep Gordon

Have you read the book “They Call Me Supermensch” by Shep Gordon? It is a memoir of Gordon’s experience managing different bands and artists, and he shares very important points that everyone who is interested in the Music Industry should know about. Here are five lessons I learned from it. Click for more!


In his autobiography, They Me Supermensch, Shep Gordon gives his readers a backstage pass into his life as one of the most influential players in the music industry. Most music and entertainment industry moguls dream about their success in the industry way before it occurs, but this was not the case for Shep. Shep’s claim to fame was an accidental occurrence.

My Favorite Album Of All-Time Is…The Saga Continues

All 2001, Diddy kept releasing hit after hit from his album The Saga Continues such as ‘Let’s Get It’- G Dep ft. Black Rob, ‘Diddy’- P. Diddy, and “Can’t Believe’- Faith Evans and Carl Thomas. This album became the soundtrack to my life for years.

The Perfect Soundtrack for My Life: Why “Secret Story” by Pat Metheny Is My All-Time Favorite Music Album

I’ve come to regard Pat Metheny’s music as the soundtrack for my life – his album Secret Story is the perfect collection of music representing this notion. Click here to find out why.