Billboard Magazine Ranks WP Music Business Program Among The Nation's BestBillboard Magazine Ranks WP Music Business Program Among The Nation’s Best

The top trade magazine for the music industry, Billboard, listed William Paterson University as having one of the top Music Business programs in the country.  In Billboard’s September 22, 2014 issue titled Music Business 101: Top Schools Where You Can Learn About The Industry, Thom Duffy and Cathy Applefield Olson write:

“Twenty miles from New York, the school recruits top music industry executives as faculty and guest lecturers. Offerings include an MBA in music management and an innovative integration of the music department’s pop music and sound engineering programs with the university’s pre-law program.

The program’s goal, says Dr. Stephen Marcone, is to prepare students ‘to be successful in an entertainment industry that is constantly in flux.'”

WPU Music Biz 101 Facebook Page Logo OptionsBetween the Music Management, Popular Music Studies, and Sound Engineering Arts degrees, students have the opportunity for a well-rounded education based on the music & entertainment industry that gives real-world experiences through hands-on internships, lectures, and opportunities to meet top industry professionals like adjunct faculty members:

The 2014/2015 Visiting Resident Expert, Paul Sinclair, head of digital strategy, marketing, e-commerce, and product development at Atlantic Records, will also provide a tremendous opportunity for WP Music Biz students to learn.

Steve Leeds, Tommy Page & Steve Marcone at WPU
From L to R: Steve Leeds, Pandora’s Tommy Page, Dr. Steve Marcone

The WP Music Business program is also supported by the weekly Music Biz 101 & More podcast and radio show, which airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00 and features guests from around the music & entertainment industry.

For information about Williams Paterson University’s Music Business programs, contact:

Music  Management: Dr. Stephen Marcone 973-720-2314 or

Popular Music Studies & Sound Engineering Arts:  Professor David Kerzner 973-720-3198 or

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