Artwork by Cynthia Kittler; found in The New Yorker, April 17, 2017 issue.

Are You Watching Coachella Live?  Now?  For Free?

It’s not a coincidence that the New Yorker just published THIS ARTICLE by our friend, John Seabrook, about Paul Tollett and how he created and books Coachella.  It’s a must-read, and a long read.  Make the time to check it out.  There are major lessons in there about how to run a festival, how to control costs, how important social media is to EDM artists, and even how to set the fonts on a concert poster.  

Plus, there’s inspiration.  If you aren’t interested in the music business and following your own dream after reading this, binge-watch something on Netflix and find a new hobby or life-goal.  

Which brings us to what’s going on over at YouTube this weekend: Coachella Live!  They’re airing 3 channels of live-streamed Coachella from 3 different stages.  

Here’s Channel 1:

Here’s Channel 2:

Here’s Channel 3:

Watch some of these performances.  Maybe you’ll decide to head out west for Coachella 2018.


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