Managing Your Band Interview With Marcone & Philp

Here’s a podcast in which your favorite friends, Doc Esteban (Steve) Marcone and Professor David Kirk Philp, are interviewed by Walt Dailey and his Success With Music program. 

Some of you may have experienced the livestream of this on Instagram.  These two fellas are HOT!!!  They’re also loaded with the funny and somewhat intelligent when it comes to artists and how they should plan out their careers.  Click on the pic or the title and give a listen.  It’ll be the best 38 minutes of your life.

Click HERE to hear!

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For full details about the Music & Entertainment Industries Program, including courses, the minor, and our MBA, click HERE.

For full details about the WPU Pop Music Studies Program, including courses and audition requirements, click HERE.


Professor David Philp is Assistant Professor Music & Entertainment Industries and Popular Music Studies at William Paterson University. He is the co-host of the only FREE advice college radio-based music & entertainment industry talk show in America, Music Biz 101 & More, which airs live most Wednesday nights and is available as a podcast HERE every night (days too).  Your favorite professor is also co-author (with Dr. Steve Marcone) of Managing Your Band – 6th Edition.  Reach him at or find him on LinkedIn HERE.

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