Your Weekly WP Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up (May 26th)

Here’s your weekly music & entertainment industry wrap-up, handcrafted to give it that perfect Music Biz 101 flavor. You can always click HERE to sign up for our weekly newsletter.  We guarantee the best information this side of ignorance. Wait – Is that an insult?  If so, who’s being insulted?  While we figure this one out, go ahead and read below.

Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry
Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Listen Of The Week:

Better Stuff Than You Can Come Up With

What the heck is this?  It’s a playlist of cool songs, many of which you’ve probably never heard.  Click HERE or
on the pic above of Ryan Adams and give it a whirl.  Your toes will tap.  Your hips will swivel.  And your day will
become just a wee bit better.

Must Read of the Week I:

How To Optimize A Spotify Playlist

Let’s repeat the headline to this email.  A new skill music industry types need to learn, or at least appreciate, is
the ability to optimize a playlist.  Why?

Music is created to be heard.  With “curation” as the cool current buzzword, especially when talking streaming
services, you need to understand the purpose of curation and drive people to that playlist you made.

If you don’t believe me, just listen to the upcoming podcast of our interview with Paul Sinclair, the head of digital
for Atlantic Records.  We talk quite a bit about this new skill.

In the link above (and HERE if you’re too tired to scroll up), a gaggle of William Paterson University Music in Social
Media students had a semester to build and optimize playlists for Spotify.  What did they learn?  What can you learn
from them?

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Must Read of the Week II

Starbucks Shifts Gears From iTunes To Spotify

Just in case you were doubting why Spotify was used as our platform for playlist optimization, click and read this
new association between Starbucks and Spotify.

Streaming, and Spotify, aren’t going away anytime soon. Embrace them and think about them.

How can you benefit, either as a consumer or a student of the industry?

Must Read of the Week III:

Spotify Adds Video, Original Content, and ‘Spotify Running’

We’re not focusing on Spotify because we love it (even though your newsletter author uses it – the freemium model
with no expectation to upgrade to subscription – every day).  We’re focusing on Spotify because it’s growing and
making bigger inroads into our lives.

Spotify is influencing other services (and being influenced by them as well).  Ultimately, it will influence how you
listen to music.  This is a pivotal time in music distribution. Understand what’s going on.

Pic of the Week #1:

Dr. Stephen Marcone, the head of the WP Music Management program, is on assignment in France. He sent over this pic.
I guess the music business is international, isn’t it?

Pic of the Week #2:

Here’s a small tribute to Phillip Gorokhovsky.  He graduated from Willy P last week but has continued to
produce our Music Biz 101 & More radio show.  He even came in the evening of graduation to produce our show.

I could not give a higher recommendation for a student than what I feel for Phillip (find him HERE on LinkedIn).
He is intelligent and passionate, an extremely hard worker, and will find success in some form out in the real world.

His last show with us is this coming Wednesday, May 27th. Tune in or call in and say goodbye.  He will be missed


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More Stuff To Check Out:

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After speaking with some people in the industry, I’ve put together some tips that can help you nail that internship interview and incrementally raise your chances to get the gig. This is a must read if you want to break into the music biz.

Artist Managers Call Out Sony Following Spotify Contract Leak  

This is very interesting, and if you want to be an artist, an artist manager, or work for a label, you should read this and then re-read it.

– You’ll get a better understanding of artist contracts pertaining to digital.

– You’ll get a better understanding of what managers do (had you ever heard of the International Music Managers Forum before this?).

– You’ll learn a little bit more about what Pandora and Kobalt and InGrooves do that artist managers really like.

Then read THIS, which provides a little bit more insight into the Spotify agreement with Sony.

I’m telling you now – you’ve got to understand this stuff if you want to be part of the music & entertainment industry.  Do your homework and be better than everyone who’s can’t push themselves to click on these links.

Should You Drink The Record Store Day Haterade?

Big thanks to freshly minted MBA in Music Management grad, Kari Keller(and her dad, who started this), for this link.  The question to ask: Is Record Store Day good for the music industry or not?  Read the article and form an opinion.

Then listen to THIS interview with Music Business Association president, James Donio, and get a better understanding of today’s music retailers.

Redistributing Streaming Wealth

Read this interesting take on how the revenues from streaming could be better distributed to artists.

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The Bookstore Built By Jeff Kinney, The ‘Wimpy Kid’

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