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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry
Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Listen Of The Week:

Tiny Royalties Add Up (Unexpectedly)

Your Must Listen of the week and Must Read of the Week I are both positive stories about streaming.  Rather than
scream into your pillow that you don’t get paid enough for your creations, listen to this and read that to better educate
yourself and come up with your own solutions.

Why rely on others when maybe, just maybe, you can make it happen?  (Sounds like a Mariah Carey song from the

Must Read of the Week I:

A Re-Examination of How Streaming Pays

Recent grad Joey Stefan saw this article and thought we should all read it.  Good instincts, lad.  Inside this link, you don’t
see more complaints of low streaming payouts.  You see a potential solution.  Give a read and let us know if you think it makes

While you’re reading, how about streaming WPSC: Brave New Radio HERE.

Must Read of the Week II

10 Reasons Not To Work In The Music Industry

WP alum Elena Lanza (and former guest on your Music Biz 101 & More radio show) passed this along to Doc Marcone and
me on The Facebook.  I didn’t agree with the article, on face value (see what I did there?).

Swap out “music industry” and put in any industry lots of people want to get into and you’ll have the same issues.  But you
may disagree with me.  Do you?  Why?

Pic of the Week #1:

Yeah, it was graduation week at William Paterson University last week.  This is one of the coolest pics from the day.
From L to R: Sierra Binondo, Jenni Sarikas, Luke DeMuro and Josh Forrest don 4 of the best caps ever seen.

Pic of the Week #2:

Here’s a closeup of the Jenni Sarikas cap.  Follow her on Instagram if you’d like to know why this particular 45 was her choice.
She’s there as @Jennisayqua

Pic of the Week #3:

Your favorite piano man, Tim Gysin, just made some merch that you should see.  Since it’s hard to make merch of a piano key,
he turned his focus to guitar picks (he can play el guitarro as well).  Whatya think?

Pic of the Week #4:

Back to graduation.  You’ve got Josh Forest and Luke DeMuro (again, so sorry), Joey Stefan (upper right), and Nadya Kourani
and Phillip Engsberg.  We all rocked at The Rock in Newark.  Were you there?

Pic of the Week #5:

Here’s Melanie Rathjuns, giving us all the peace sign.

Pic of the Week #6:

It wasn’t just students at this thing we called “graduation,” we had faculty there too.

Right side: Professor Philp and the retiring Stephen Bryant.

Upper left: Doc Stephen (that’s how these guys spell it, I guess) Marcone, Grammy-nominee Pete McGuinness, Nils Neubert,
and the smokin’ hot Professor Philp.

Pic of the Week #7:

An empty Prudential Center, post-graduation.  I wonder how many of our students are going to headline there in the future?


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Scooter Braun: What I’ve Learned

“Mistakes are lessons. Cherish your mistakes. Learn from them. And by the way, cherish other people’s mistakes. Learn from them without taking the hit.”

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Mayweather-Pacquiao Boxing Match Shatters Pay-Per-View Records

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Netflix On Upending The Movie Business

When Steve Leeds of SiriusXM had Tracey Jordan, also of SiriusXM, in for a Music Management Seminar in April, the topic came up of how their service was, in a way, a radio equivalent to Netflix.  Read this to understand the Netflix strategy.

Tomorrow’s Advance Man: Marc Andreessen’s Path To Win The Future

I don’t mean to bury this so far down in your weekly newsletter.  You’ve got loads of good stuff to read.  Here’s one more.  Why?  Because of stuff like this:

“Posit a world in which all material needs are provided free, by robots and material synthesizers. . . . Imagine six, or 10, billion people doing nothing but arts and sciences, culture and exploring and learning. What a world that would be,” particularly as “technological progress is precisely what makes a strong, rigorous social safety net affordable.”

You should read this and keep thinking, if I was going to start my own music/entertainment-based business, what can I steal from here?

Andreessen believes that the major barrier to change is sociological: people can embrace only so many new ideas at once. “Breakthrough ideas look crazy, nuts,” he said, adding, “It’s hard to think this way—I see it in other people’s body language, and I can feel it in my own, where I sometimes feel like I don’t even care if it’s going to work, I can’t take more change.”

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Google Hangouts: From Your Page To Your Phone

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