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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry
Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Listen Of The Week:

The Greatest (Digital) Pirate Story Ever Told

In our April 27th recap, we gave  you a link to a story called The Man Who Broke The Music Business.
Did you read it?  Here’s your second chance.

Anyhoo, that article has become a book.  If you’re not the kind of person who likes to read words, well, then
you already deleted this.  So for the rest of us, click on the pic above or the headline to hear an interview
with the book’s author, Stephen Witt.

Listen for some great information.  Unfortunately, some of what he says is a little off base, maybe because
he was nervous or didn’t know the answers to some questions that were off topic of his book (plus, he’s a
journalist, not a music industry person).

Listen to this interview, though.  It’s very interesting. Then pick up the book and let us know what you think.

7 Invaluable Pieces of Advice For Recent Music School College Grads

There is some wisdom in this link.  Just click.

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Pic of the Week

Here’s a great pic of, from L to R, Dr. David Weisberg of WP, Dr. Esteban Marcone, from your William
Paterson University, Aaron Van Duyne, established and well respected Business Manager for KISS,
Angelo Badalamenti, ‘Twin Peaks’ composer, your Professor David Kirk Philp, of William Paterson the
University, and Phillip Gorokhovsky, producer of the Music Biz 101 & More radio show.

Why are these fine looking folks gathered together?  To celebrate the release of Badalamenti’s podcast
interview.  Click HERE or on the pic to hear Angelo describe how he composed the music for ‘Twin Peaks,’
how he got into the soundtracks biz, and more.

It’s a great listen.  So do it.


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More Stuff To Check Out:

Podcasting Blooms, But In Slow Motion

I still think there is a giant hole in the music world that could be filled in by the perfect podcast.  Think of all the great stories out there that could be told? Plus, music is an aural platform, just like podcasts.  It’s a natural marriage.

Read this article and reply with some music stories you think podcasting could tell.

But First, A Word From 100 Podcasts’ Sponsors  

One concern about podcasts is how to make money from them.  One obvious way is through advertising.  This short article, and accompanying mashup of ads, talks a little about the wild west of podcast advertising.

Once you finish it, read THIS ARTICLE that talks about the strategy behind one specific advertiser.  This is good stuff.  Read it and get ahead of everyone else.

William Paterson Music Business Programs Team Up With WMG

We’re excited about our new association with the Warner Music Group.  Qualified WP Music Management & Pop Music students will be encouraged to apply for WMG internship opportunities.

Plus, the program will have access to WMG personnel in various departments, like A&R and Direct 2 Consumer, AND the company will fulfill the role of 2015-2016 Visiting Expert-In-Residence, formerly filled by one person (like Atlantic’s Paul Sinclair in 2014-2015).

This helps set the nationally ranked WP Music Biz program apart from nearly every other music business program across the country.  Exciting, huh?

How The Vans Warped Tour Has Mastered Marketing To Teens For 2 Decades

You’ve probably heard of the Vans Warped Tour.  What have they done over the last 20 years to continue to make it successful?  Check this out for some creative inspiration.

Remember – Just ’cause you’re doing well now doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep innovating.

What Are BitTorrent Bundles And Why Should I Care?

Slash just released a new video via BitTorrent and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke did last year.  What is this technology?  Click to figure it out.  Why should you care?  Because it’s one more way to distribute your stuff.  Or maybe not.  But if you don’t know what it is, that’s one less opportunity for you, isn’t it?

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10 Reasons Why You’re Failing At Instagram

Twitter To Include Video Autoplay

What Music Supervisors Want And How They Think

How Facebook Video May Overtake YouTube
(Thanks to David Deutsch for the link!)

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