Corey Glover Living Colour WP
Corey Glover Living Colour WP
Corey Glover of Living Colour (middle) hangs with Professors Kerzner (right) and Philp (left) at a Songwriting & Music Biz Camp. Who was holding the camera?

At a recent Songwriting & Music Biz Summer Camp here at fantabulous William Paterson University (now dubbed “WP” for brevity), Living Colour’s Corey Glover spoke to campers about collaboration.  Here’s a shot of him in the act of speaking:

Corey Glover Living Colour WP
Corey Glover, on your left, speaks to a WP Summer Songwriting & Music Biz Camp.

Other speakers at the camp, besides Glover, Kerzner, and Philp, included Martin Briley, Gregg Bendian, and Lauren Marsh.  Your writer wishes camps like this existed when he was a kid.

Back to Corey Glover.  If you’re a member of the uninitiated, Living Colour was a top Rock band in the late-’80s (Glover would say they still are).  They had two big Rock radio hits.  “Cult Of Personality” and “Open Letter To A Landlord.”  Here are videos of both songs.  Give a listen and become a fan.

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  1. Living Colour actually had a slew of rock “hits” that garnered them Grammy’s in 1989 and 1990, a Grammy nomination in 93 as well… Love Rears Its Ugly Head, Time’s Up, Glamour Boys, Leave It Alone, and their modern stuff is just as great!

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