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Music Biz Year In Review: A Money Move For Cardi B?

By Dominique Taylor


Cardi B: Grammy Nominated Female Rapper

Cardi B is a new and upcoming female rapper who has been taking the world by storm with her realness and honesty in her lyrics as well as her personal videos for her fans to see. Cardi B who is a stripper turned rapper has dominated the Billboard 100 charts quickly with her song “Bodak Yellow”. She is also nominated for a Grammy for the song as well. Go ahead Cardi! She truly has won the hearts of her followers, now being said to be taking the place that Nicki Minaj once had. But that’s another story.

Cardi B as we know signed a 360 deal with Atlantic Records, so you know the label as a piece of everything Cardi B puts out for her people. Now she has signed a million-dollar publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Now I can’t tell you the exact percentage she gave away of her publishing but from that advance it looks like a lot and possibly all. And that’s not really a great “money move” for her as a new artist on the scene.

Most new artists only have a one hit wonder and flop after and they are in debt because they moved to fast with certain deals. So now that she has established this deal she is really making moves to get less money instead of more money. Now she won’t own her songs and any money made off those songs in years to come when she does decide to stop, or her legacy dies off quick, she will not have any income from that. Let alone her future family that she would want to benefit from it won’t be able to either. Also with that huge advance she must pay that back plus interest before she sees her percentage (if any) of her publishing royalties.

Cardi B really should have had a better team for her to understand what she was dealing with when it comes to a publishing deal. You should always want to maximize your profit before anything. This really goes to show that an artist really needs to make sure the research and get their knowledge before making decisions that can affect their life long term and not the short-term comings. Cardi B is a dope artist and I would love to see her progress in the years to come. But for her money sake I hope she doesn’t fall off her tier too fast before she can make some changes to her publishing deal.


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