My name Is Victor Vivar, I am a music major here at William Paterson University, I am a bass player and I have made the choice to go here because this school is known for their outstanding music program. I came from Belleville High School in Belleville, NJ and was the class of 2012. Besides music I also enjoy other things like sports which is soccer, I was a midfielder In my high school soccer team for 4 years and I have been playing since I was a kid. I also enjoy playing video games which Is a way for me to relax and escape from reality for a moment.


The Power of Music and Beyond

By Victor Vivar

The Power of Music, has played a big role in everyone’s life, It is also played wherever you go whether you are driving, shopping at the mall or even on the streets. It never dies out, everyday you hear new music on the radio from new or previous artists, and no matter what mood you are in music Is always there for you. If you are ever feeling sad because you are going through a breakup or you lost a family member, music will always be there for you,and by just hearing the lyrics you will realize that it knows what you are going through and that everything will be alright.


All The types of Music

We all have different taste in music, some people like rock, some like R&B, some like jazz and some might like a little bit of everything. No matter what genre of music you listen to it will always be there for you, and what I mean by that is that it will always be there to cheer you up. There might be some days where you might like how the song goes like the melody and the progression or there might be an awesome guitar solo in a favorite song of yours that you never get tired of listening to it over again.


If it’s not the melody or progression of the music, then It is definitely the lyrics, the majority of music that’s being played today has lyrics where It’s either  about going through a break up, wanting someone back into their life, or even tell a story about a time when they were happy with a significant other. This Is where the power of music starts to come in play because In life we all have those bad days where It hits us unexpectedly or got into an argument with someone and ended on a bad term and all you have is a playlist where there are songs that know what you are going through and is the only thing that will brighten up your day In a heartbeat. Music is so powerful and the best thing that ever existed in this world because it will put a big smile on your face and gets you into the mood to dance all night.

marcus-miller-gifSo no matter what happens In your life just remember one thing that music will always be there at anytime and anywhere. Whenever you are feeling down or having a bad day music is just one click away and will brighten up your day in a heartbeat, and by the time you listen to that one favorite song on your playlist, you are already lost because not only the power of music will cheer you up but it will also take you to a whole new world full of hope, happiness and good vibes. The power of music Is like a drug that’s so addicting, you can’t do anything about It. That’s why when every time musicians get the spotlight to solo, they are always into it and get lost in the music while driving the crowd wild, now that is talent!

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