Me meeting Taylor Swift in 2011

     Hello reader! My name is Dana Gallo, and I am currently a Senior in the Music Education Department of William Paterson University. Upon graduation, I aspire to teach America’s youth the wonders of a life filled with music. To do that, I must inspire them. Here is a tidbit of information about the artist that inspired me through music: Taylor Swift.

Every teenage girl has an idol. This person is usually a female as well in some      section of the public eye; someone who emanates who they aspire to be as they grow into womanhood. For me, that person was Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Helped Me “Shake It Off”

Taylor on The 1989 World Tour

Ms. Swift’s name brings up a lot of controversy lately, mixed with drama and false accusations, but flashback to 2007, middle school me danced around her room singing Taylor’s songs into a hairbrush for hours. Since then, Taylor Swift’s music has changed my life in ways that most pop singers never achieve for anybody.

Her lyrics spoke out my thoughts and feelings better than I ever could. Her music paired with that would give me chills as I contemplated if she wrote songs about her life or mine. Listening to her music, living out every word, shaped me and helped me grow through so much of my adolescence.

Swift’s music and passion for writing and performing has influenced my own musicianship on so many levels. No matter what is being said or what challenges are thrown at her, she never sells herself short. She remains genuine, honest, and true to herself through her music. That is the quality that resonates with me the most, and has had the largest impact on my musical life.

She withholds a breathtaking ability to fill stadiums of 50,000, playing a 7-minute song acoustically and leaving every single person in the room feeling more connected than ever before, as they’re tied together with tear-filled eyes as lyrics speak out their deepest emotions.

Seeing and taking part in moments like these at her shows truly inspire the musician within myself. Through these moments, I have seen first hand the power of music and the incredible experience you can share with people through your music.

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