We Need Music: The Importance of Music Education

We don’t only need music so we can listen to something on the ride to work. We don’t only need music to pump up a party on a Saturday night. We need music for survival.

Music Brings People Together Better Than Any Politician

Click this link to read about the crazy uniting powers of MUSIC! by Gina Royale.

Katie Jelen

Secret Road Music’s Katie Jelen: The Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

Katie talks about what secret road does for artists, the dark side of being an artist manager, and how she created her own opportunities in the biz. Click!

The Power Of Music

It is amazing to think about the long lasting influence many musicians have had on people long after their lifetime. Click to read more on the power of music.

the power of music

The Power of Music – How Do You Feel?

The most powerful music is the kind that helps people express their own feelings,and incites an emotional response. The ultimate example of this power is when music is the basis of a social movement. Music’s power lies in it’s ability to reach our deepest emotions and inspire us to act and feel.

Sara Bareilles: A Quality Musical Influence

Sara Bareilles: A Quality Musical Influence

Sara Bareilles could be considered to be one of the most talented, genuine, and creative singer/songwriters in music today. It’s evident her music is influenced by artists like Carol King, while her way of story telling through song has inspired me in my own songwriting Click to read more.

Black Sabbath – The Most Influential Heavy Metal Band

Click to read more on why Black Sabbath are considered the godfathers of heavy metal

Jay-Z: I’m Not a Businessman; I’m a Business, Man

Jay-Z exemplifies what it means to be an entrepreneur. He not only is one of the biggest selling hip hop artists of all time, but he is his own business. Click to read more!

My Fav Songs – Yasmin Azhir’s Spotify Playlist

Wanna know what a Pop Major at William Paterson listens to, check out Yasmin Azhir’s Spotify playlist!! It’s full of songs you want to know. Click!

StageIt Live Stream

WPU Music Biz Student Sierra Binondo: StageIt

StageIt, a live-streaming performance website, is a new revenue stream for musicians that allows them to play for their die-hard fans anytime and anywhere. WPU Music Biz student and Social Media intern Sierra Binondo gives us the lowdown.