Daniel Ek of Spotify

Spotify & Universal Make A Very Big Deal

Probably the biggest news of last week was Spotify and Universal agreeing to terms on a licensing deal, apparently one that is “long term.” What does this mean? Click.

My Favorite Songs – Kaitlyn Sperduto’s Ultimate Playlist

My ultimate spotify playlist consists of genres from 1950’s classic rock to today’s adult contemporary; so one might call my music taste “eclectic”. Click here to find out what artists made it to my playlist!

Nick Spillert’s Ultimate Spotify Playlist

Nick Spillert has gathered together a collection of 50 songs that inspire him musically and emotionally. Check out his Ultimate Spotify Playlist!

No Lyrics Allowed: A Playlist For Focus

Looking for some new grooves to get you focused and productive? Check out this playlist by guest writer, Samantha Shank, titled “No Vocals Allowed: A Playlist For Focus.” It’s guaranteed to recharge you and help you focus.


Good Mood Guarantee! How I Promoted My Spotify Playlist!

I was tasked to promote and grow the follower count on a Spotify playlist that I had cultivated at the start of the semester. What I ended up with was a playlist of joyful songs from yesterday and today, and a strategy with which to promote this playlist. Click through to read more about my strategy!

How I Optimized My Spotify Playlist

Kevin Dziuba talks about how he promoted his Spotify Playlist using his own personal pages and his band’s, Check Your Morals. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

What NOT To Do To Promote A Spotify Playlist

What NOT To Do To Promote A Spotify Playlist

Avid Spotify users can appreciate the features that the app provides like personalized playlist and even the ability to create your own playlist. Well what if one day your very awesome Social Media 2 teacher gives you a project to create and promote your own Spotify playlist? What would be your social media promotion plan?

How I Optimized My Spotify Ultimate Guitar Riff Playlist

What do you think is the Ultimate Guitar Riff of all time? Click here to see if it made the list.

Justin V’s Top 50 Hall of Fame Playlist

You got to get up to get down. Enjoy my Spotify Top 50 Hall of Fame playlist or my YouTube Top 10. This was done through hours of excruciating deliberation so YOU BETTER LISTEN TO IT AND ENJOY IT. Thanks 🙂

Music Is A Powerful Thing

I think music is powerful because it is so universal. I feel that it really helps encapsulate the human experience. We all experience very similar situations at one point or another and to have something be the soundtrack or accompaniment to those feelings just makes it a little bit better.