Your Music Biz 101 Wrap Up: Week of April 30th

Here’s your Music Biz 101 wrap up, featuring articles about the Music Modernization Act, creating and promoting your own live concerts, an upcoming interview with Journey’s Jonathan Cain, and more. Click and read!

Reaction: Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen Just Doesn’t Get It (Or Does He?)

In a recent interview, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen complained that his royalties aren’t the same as in the past. We did the math. It ain’t pretty. Click.

Reaction: New Streaming Payout Analysis

What kind of streaming payout can you get from Spotify or YouTube? This new analysis breaks it down. You may be surprised at the results. Click!

Video: Spotify’s Troy Carter At Music Biz 2017

If you attended Music Biz 2017 in Nashville, you hopefully saw Spotify’s Troy Carter give a keynote interview. Whether you did or didn’t, we have video from it all. Click!

Spotify: Promoting a Spotify Playlist

How does one promote a Spotify playlist? How does one gain a substantial amount of followers? Do you just post it all over your social media and hope for the best? Click to find out.

Strife Mag’s 2017 Picks Spotify Playlist

This is how guest blogger Ashley Weltner marketed the Strife Mag’s Picks 2017 playlist. She describes what worked and didn’t work in gaining followers on Spotify.

Spotify Playlist Promotion Strategy

Nick Spillert of William Paterson recaps on his Spotify Playlist promotion strategies. Spotify Playlisting has become extremely important in the music biz.

Daniel Ek of Spotify

Spotify & Universal Make A Very Big Deal

Probably the biggest news of last week was Spotify and Universal agreeing to terms on a licensing deal, apparently one that is “long term.” What does this mean? Click.

My Favorite Songs – Kaitlyn Sperduto’s Ultimate Playlist

My ultimate spotify playlist consists of genres from 1950’s classic rock to today’s adult contemporary; so one might call my music taste “eclectic”. Click here to find out what artists made it to my playlist!

Nick Spillert’s Ultimate Spotify Playlist

Nick Spillert has gathered together a collection of 50 songs that inspire him musically and emotionally. Check out his Ultimate Spotify Playlist!