Did Spotify Hack My Spotify Account?

Read this post by Joe Pomarico in which he questions whether or not his Spotify account was hacked by…Spotify! Why? Oh, just click.

Strife Mag’s 2017 Picks Spotify Playlist

This is how guest blogger Ashley Weltner marketed the Strife Mag’s Picks 2017 playlist. She describes what worked and didn’t work in gaining followers on Spotify.

Spotify Playlist Promotion Strategy

Nick Spillert of William Paterson recaps on his Spotify Playlist promotion strategies. Spotify Playlisting has become extremely important in the music biz.

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My Favorite Songs – Averie Washington’s Ultimate Playlist

Enjoy this article in which WP Music student Averie Washington shares her ultimate playlist of some of my favorite songs. Click to find out why she chose these songs.

How I Optimized My Spotify Playlist

Kevin Dziuba talks about how he promoted his Spotify Playlist using his own personal pages and his band’s, Check Your Morals. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Your Made In America: Happy Birthday USA Playlist

Click to listen to the best playlist ever! Happy Birthday USA!

Music Biz 101 & More

Your Ultimate Summertime Playlist

What’s your ultimate summertime playlist? Give a click and give a listen and you’ll know for certain in no more than seven moments.

Good Songs Can Be From Any Genre: Proof In A Playlist

Good Songs Can Be From Any Genre: Proof In A Playlist

WP Music Biz student Jenette Elizabeth grew up listening to many styles of music. Here’s a playlist of her favorite songs that ranges from Alison Krauss and Alan Jackson, to Evanescence and Three Days Grace, to Imogen Heap and Cirque Du Soleil…and everything in between! Maybe there’s a song you would like…? Click to find out!

The Spotify Playlist Test - An Update

How I Got To 10,000 Streams On Spotify – A Playlist Test Update

How did I get to 10,000 streams on Spotify for one song? Click to find out all about it and see what lessons were learned along the way.

Your Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify Playlist

Your Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify Playlist

Here’s your Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Spotify Playlist – just in case you ever need to travel to the Music City and its suburbs. Before you click & listen, how many songs about these places can you name? How many can you sing?