Luke Davis – The Power of Music is Real and All Around Us.

This is a blog on the Luke Davis belief in the power of music. Check out the playlist with different genres at the end. What do you think is on it?

Shakey Graves is why I’m here.

One of the biggest reasons why I went to William Paterson was because of an artist by the name of Shakey Graves. He is without a doubt my biggest musical inspiration. He was more important to guest writer Luke Davis than Led Zeppelin, the Strokes, Queen. Here’s why.

Music Black and White

The Power of Music

Always remember that “Good music has no expiration date!” The best way to showcase the power of music is to keep it alive. Click to read why.

Guest Post: A Journey of Rock “N” Roll Music Through Time

A Journey of Rock “N” Roll Music Through Time that I bet has music you never heard before and would have never heard of if you didn’t listen. So listen!

A Musical Influence for the Ages (K-5 to be exact)

My One True Enemy…..and How Music Affected Our Relationship

Does music really have the ability to affect certain relationships that you have with people? Click the link to discover one music student’s personal epiphany….and why her musical influence reminds her of stripping…. ?