Luke Davis – The Power of Music is Real and All Around Us.

This is a blog on the Luke Davis belief in the power of music. Check out the playlist with different genres at the end. What do you think is on it?

Music: The Life Changing Artform

Music is one of the most powerful art-forms in all of humankind. What makes it so powerful? Why does it have such a strong emotional impact on us as humans?

The Power of Music – Will Wood

Music is one of the most powerful things in the world- it can bring people together and move them in otherwise impossible ways.

Music The Universal Language

Get ready because I am going to take you on a journey and show you why I call Music the Universal Language. It transcends all language and cultural barriers.

The Power of Music

The Power OF Music

The Power of music is something that can felt across oceans and cultures. It helps people experience things they could never experience before and is the only medium that can make people feel that special feeling.

Decorating Time; the Power of Music

        My name is Tré, and I am a student at William Paterson University, I am working to become a songwriter and an executive at a PRO, and music is my life. I have been infatuated with music since I was born. I played drums before I could walk, and had my hands…

The Power Of Music

It is amazing to think about the long lasting influence many musicians have had on people long after their lifetime. Click to read more on the power of music.

Dj Fade Power Of Music

The Power Of Music

Read how the power of music shapes our culture and influences us to engage more! Check out DJ Fade’s interpretation of what the power of music can do for us and why its important to listen carefully.

How Powerful Music Truly Is

Music is so much more than some lyrics and a melody. It’s a way of life and an escape from reality. Click on the link to read more about what it means to me, how it’s impacted my life and how powerful music truly is.

The Power of Hip Hop Music

The Power of Hip Hop Music

The music of Hip-Hop started out as a movement to give power back to the communities that were affected by poverty and the unfair justice system that targeted minorities. Click here to understand it’s rich history and powerful movement.