Why is Music so Powerful?

How often does music come into our lives? Why are our lives heavily affected and influenced by the music we listen to? We see music everywhere. It’s a way to express ourselves, communicate, and serve others.

The Power of Music and How it Impacts our Lives.

The power of music, and its impact, is shown when a song has the ability to bring back specific memories, or help you when nothing else can. Click to find out which song of 2017 showed the power and awareness music can bring to the world!

We Need Music: The Importance of Music Education

We don’t only need music so we can listen to something on the ride to work. We don’t only need music to pump up a party on a Saturday night. We need music for survival.

How Music Changed My Life

The biggest influence on who I – Kaitlyn Sperduto – have grown up to be is music. It has changed my life, and I will forever be grateful for that.

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Collision of Power and Music

Changing throughout time, music has incorporated a vast amount of influence and layers of inspirations built upon its successors. This ability to connect dictates the true power of music. Click for more!

Music Brings People Together Better Than Any Politician

Click this link to read about the crazy uniting powers of MUSIC! by Gina Royale.

Power of Music

Music is such a huge part in a person’s life, even if they don’t realize it. Here’s how it affects guest blogger Sara Schulmann.

The Power of Music: Frequency of Kai (Ocean)

This passage highlights the inherent importance of the Power of Music through the eyes of a psychology major/artist with a passion for travel. You must click to experience it.

The Power of Music And Beyond: Inspiration and Talent

The Power of Music has played a big role in everyone’s life. Read what WP student Victor Vivar has to say, through music.

The Power of Music and the Human Connection

Music is an extremely powerful force in our world. We humans express ourselves with music and use it to connect with the hearts and minds of others. Read guest blogger Nick Spillert’s stunning confessions.