Luke Davis – The Power of Music is Real and All Around Us.

This is a blog on the Luke Davis belief in the power of music. Check out the playlist with different genres at the end. What do you think is on it?

Chris Butler of The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping" – Music Biz 101 & More: The Podcast

5 Best Music Biz 101 & More Podcasts (Pt. 1)

Want to hear the best Music Biz 101 & More podcasts? Here you go. Part I brings you the cream of the crop. You are guaranteed to learn lots of stuff! So click and take your pick!

Musician Extraordinaire Donald Nold

Donald Nold: Pianist and Coach Extraordinaire

Donald Nold had an extraordinary career as a pianist. He traveled the globe, coached and accompanied the world’s best singers, and started the Accompanying Dept. at MSM. WP Grad student Katie Sundstrom writes about this amazing musician.

Dear Music: Thank You

By WP Pop student Brittany Lee: “Dear Music, thank you for the stability and security. Dear Music, thank you for freeing me. Dear Music, thank you for growing me. Dear Music, thank you.”

My Biggest Musical Influence: Tim McIlrath

Tim McIlrath, the lead singer of Rise Against, writes music that has inspired me as a musician, and continues to inspire everyone that listens to his music. Click to see why he’s so special.

The late great Leon Russianoff, a legend of influence

WP Master’s student Mary Rose Schneider writes: “Clarinet masters who imparted their knowledge and guided my clarinet playing were the late great Leon Russianoff, Peter Alexander and David Krakauer. These mentors enriched my life as a clarinetist and as a listening person. I am forever grateful to have had the experience of meeting and studying under them.” Click & read all about it!

WPU MUsic Biz Student: Jeremy Zipf

WPU Music Biz Student: Jeremy Zipf

About a year ago, singer-songwriter Jeremy Zipf decided to leave the Sound Engineering Arts Major at William Paterson University for the Pop Music Studies program. It was during that time that he realized that the classes in the pop program were more suited to the long term goals he had in mind. Why? Click to read more.

WPU Music Biz Student Sierra Binondo

WPU Music Biz Student: Sierra Binondo

When I was younger I really loved singing, I sang in chorus all throughout grade school and started playing guitar and piano in fifth grade. I looked up to a lot of singer/songwriters when I was a kid like Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton, so it started there.