The Power of Music and the Human Connection

Music is an extremely powerful force in our world. We humans express ourselves with music and use it to connect with the hearts and minds of others. Read guest blogger Nick Spillert’s stunning confessions.

My One True Enemy…..and How Music Affected Our Relationship

A Musical Influence for the Ages (K-5 to be exact)

Does music really have the ability to affect certain relationships that you have with people? Click the link to discover one music student’s personal epiphany….and why her musical influence reminds her of stripping…. ?

Lana Del Rey Is Not A Generic Pop Artist

According to WP Music Biz Student, Bianca Russo, Lana Del Rey is “a breath of fresh air” and her biggest musical influence. If you’re unfamiliar with this artist, or if you agree with Bianca, click and do some listening. Rock on, Bianca!