Spotify: Promoting a Spotify Playlist

How does one promote a Spotify playlist? How does one gain a substantial amount of followers? Do you just post it all over your social media and hope for the best? Click to find out.

Spotify Playlist Promotion Strategy

Nick Spillert of William Paterson recaps on his Spotify Playlist promotion strategies. Spotify Playlisting has become extremely important in the music biz.

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Collision of Power and Music

Changing throughout time, music has incorporated a vast amount of influence and layers of inspirations built upon its successors. This ability to connect dictates the true power of music. Click for more!

Music: The Life Changing Artform

Music is one of the most powerful art-forms in all of humankind. What makes it so powerful? Why does it have such a strong emotional impact on us as humans?

How Music Can Get You Through Tests

Finals week, it is the dreaded time of the semester that the library is open for 24 hours a day but, you have been up for 48. It is a stressful time for everyone, and this is where I turn to music as a release and a tool to get me through my finals. Never underestimate the power of music.

Music Brings People Together Better Than Any Politician

Click this link to read about the crazy uniting powers of MUSIC! by Gina Royale.

The Power of Music!

This post is about the power of music and the benefits that come with it! In it you will find that music is more than a listening experience and is a life experience. Just as we grow music does as well!

The Power of Music and the Human Connection

Music is an extremely powerful force in our world. We humans express ourselves with music and use it to connect with the hearts and minds of others. Read guest blogger Nick Spillert’s stunning confessions.

The Evolution of Video Game Music

Read about the evolution of video game music. Think about the music in the video games that you have played before. Do you think video games will have a huge role in the future of music industry? Click.

How Music Can Make You Go From Sad to Happy

This article describes the power of music and how it can make you go from sad to happy. Click here to find out more!