Why is Music so Powerful?

How often does music come into our lives? Why are our lives heavily affected and influenced by the music we listen to? We see music everywhere. It’s a way to express ourselves, communicate, and serve others.

How To Optimize A Spotify Playlist

Want to know how to optimize a Spotify playlist? In this post, a gaggle of William Paterson University Music in Social Media students show and explain how it’s done. Click!

Beyoncé Knowles: The Queen Bee

Beyoncé is synonymous with success. In an era of so many one-hit-wonders, she has become one of the most successful artists of the past 17 years. Click to read all about WPU student Greg McKnight-Lemaire’s research.

Tirrell Alston's Spotify Playlist

WPU Music Biz Student: Tirrell Alston’s Spotify Playlist

My playlist is in remembrance of Whitney Houston. Her gift will never be forgotten. Click on the link to listen.

WPU Biz Student: Aaron Gollubier

Aaron’s favorite classes are Music in Social Media, as well as Audio Recording for Musicians. “The professors are masters of their field and both teach in a fun and educational manner. I plan on graduating the spring semester of 2016.” Click on the link to read more.