Music Biz Year In Review: A Money Move For Cardi B?

Cardi B has risen above the norm as a new female rapper. But was signing a million-dollar publishing deal the right way to go? Click to find out more!

Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & Hype

Reaction: Like It Or Not, Taylor Swift Is On To Something With Her Streaming Strategy

If you didn’t know (or care), Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, is not available on streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music.  Instead, you need to buy physical product or download it.  Why? Click to understand it all.

Charity Lomax - Tour manager: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

Charity Lomax – Tour Manager: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

In this episode, Charity Lomax, former tour manager and production coordinator for the Eagles, Aerosmith, and Van Halen, talks about her job on the road, and much more. Click to listen!

Thoughts On Taylor Swift’s Master Plan, Part I

Your Professor David Kirk Philp was requested to answer a number of questions for an article in BuzzFeed about Taylor Swift. Click to see the original Q&A!

Reaction: Even ‘Big’ Artists Don’t Have Control Over Their Labels

Have a pop hit today? Count your blessings, because once the fall begins, it may be faster than you’d hoped. Case Study: Iggy Azalea. Click to find out.

WP Music Biz 101 & More Photo Op

Katelyn Drozd – Director, Talent Acquisition at Warner Music Group: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

Katelyn Drozd, the Director of Talent Acquisition at Warner Music Group, is interviewed by Cory Ianuale, David Philp, and Dr. Steve Marcone for the Music Biz 101 & More Podcast on Brave New Radio. Click here to listen!

Alix Kram – VP of Global Brand Licensing: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

Click to listen to this interview with Alix Kram (Warner Music Group Artist Services), recorded at Music Biz 2017 conference in Nashville, Tennessee. You’ll learn more than you think!

Carl Palmer – World Renowned Drummer: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

Are you a drummer? There is no way you’ll want to miss this podcast. Learn about the business of music from world renowned drummer Carl Palmer. Click!

Billy Fields- VP of Artists & Label Relations at WEA: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

In this interview Billy Fields, VP of Artists & Label Relations at WEA, talks about working with WEA and becoming the “vinyl guy”. Click now to listen!

John Simson – American University Executive in Residence: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

Want to be an artist manager? An entertainment lawyer? A musician who has the business savvy to be successful in the industry? John Simson has done it all. Join us as we interview the man of many talents who also helped form SoundExchange in its beginning stages!