What Your Band Can Learn From One Quote

Click to read about how much your band can learn from a quote in an article about Instagram. That’s a wordy description. Just click. You’ll get it.

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The Internship Interview: How To Prove You’re The Top Choice

You got the internship interview. Now how to you ace it? Click for some tips that will help you before, during and after the interview so you get the job!

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How To Interview For An Internship

Looking for tips on how to interview for an internship? Click and read. We’ve got 6 suggestions here, handcrafted specifically for you. Go on. Do it.

The Spotify Playlist Test - An Update

How I Got To 10,000 Streams On Spotify – A Playlist Test Update

How did I get to 10,000 streams on Spotify for one song? Click to find out all about it and see what lessons were learned along the way.

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Using Video To Promote Your Music Event

When putting together the marketing mix for your next show, don’t forget video. With a little time and a little creativity, you can create multiple videos which can raise additional awareness of your event and provide additional content for your website, email campaigns, and social networks. Here’s how.