Reaction: ‘See You Again’ Backup Singer Auctions Off Royalties

If you were a backup singer on ‘See You Again,’ how would you make money? Click and read this to understand the process of auctioning off royalties to performance or songwriting royalties.


Thanks, Hypebot!

Hypebot, a music industry website run by Bruce Houghton, as re-posted our article centered on 2017 music biz predictions. We would like to thank them. Here goes. “Thanks, Hypebot.”

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Money To Burn? Pay To Play On Steroids

Pay to play can be one of the worst mistakes an artist makes, especially if the “pay” part can’t ever be recouped. Click to read one band’s saga and how you should think before going this route.

Money To Burn Beware The company asking for money

Money To Burn? Beware The A&R Company Promising Too Much

Do you have money to burn? If so, then say yes every time a company approaches you about getting your music in front of the right people. If not, click on this post to understand why you should probably say no.

“I Wish I Had Her Back” – The Spotify Playlist Test

Click to read about a Spotify playlist test that can make you money while you sleep. Seriously. No, seriously.