Spotify: Promoting a Spotify Playlist

How does one promote a Spotify playlist? How does one gain a substantial amount of followers? Do you just post it all over your social media and hope for the best? Click to find out.

The Power of Music And Beyond: Inspiration and Talent

The Power of Music has played a big role in everyone’s life. Read what WP student Victor Vivar has to say, through music.

Eric Clapton

Me and Mr. Clapton: Why Eric Clapton is My Biggest Musical Influence

Why Eric Clapton is my biggest musical influence as well as some brief insight into his career and the significance of his music. Click now.

Jason Ross of TSM Studio: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

In this episode, our student co-host Joseph Pomarico brings on Jason Ross, CEO of Trusun Media Inc. and TSM Studio, to talk about starting his own recording studio, being an entrepreneur, and much more.

Music Generation

“Music, you are no longer the same” by Anthony Miller

“Music, you are no longer the same” is a heartfelt letter written my Music Advocate Anthony Miller. It addresses his disapproval of the current state of music however; he commends music on the few songs that have intrigued him during the year of 2015. He accompanies his letter with a playlist of his favorite songs from 2015.

Decorating Time; the Power of Music

        My name is Tré, and I am a student at William Paterson University, I am working to become a songwriter and an executive at a PRO, and music is my life. I have been infatuated with music since I was born. I played drums before I could walk, and had my hands…

The Power of Music

We all know that music is a powerful thing, but it also provides use beyond our personal lives. Read on to find out more.

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Music is a way to escape society for many people around the world. We are all expected to think or even look a certain way, when in reality, we shouldn’t have to. Click to read student Melanie Gomez’s feelings about how “where words fail, music speaks.”

Stevie Wonder...My Inspiration

Stevie Wonder…My Inspiration

Stevie Wonder Inspires MBA Student at William Paterson University. Anthony Miller recognized the need for business minded musicians in the music industry.

How Lee Brice Inspired Me As A Musician

Lee Brice is an inspiration of mine who I look up to dearly. How did a country artist change this students life? Click to find out!