Q&A – I Was Asked To Manage Someone. How Do I Get Started?

A guy in the esports gaming world was asked to manage some gamers. He knew it could be like managing a band, but where to start? Click for our answer.

Music Biz 101 & More Harvey Leeds

Managing Your Band: The Harvey Leeds Interview

Southside Johnny manager Harvey Leeds talks about his years at Epic Records, how he got to manage Southside Johnny, contracts vs. handshakes, and more. Click! Presented by Managing Your Band: 6th Edition.

Alex Kadvan Music Biz 101 & More

Managing Your Band: The Alex Kadvan Interview

Click and listen to Sleater/Kinney and St. Vincent manager Alex Kadvan talk about Alex’s agency, Lever and Beam, 360 deals, how he learned to become a personal manager, contracts, and much more.

Managing Your Band: The Michael McDonald Interview

Click and listen to an exclusive interview with Of Monsters And Men/Phillip Phillips/Walk The Moon manager Michael McDonald. Presented by Managing Your Band – 6th Edition.

Doc McGhee Music Biz 101 & More

Managing Your Band: The Doc McGhee Interview

In this interview, presented by the book “Managing Your Band – 6th Edition,” legendary artist manager Doc McGhee talks about making the KISS run. Click!

Your Music Biz 101 Wrap Up: Week of June 19

Here’s what’s going on, from The Weeknd to Brian Schechter to how to be a great music supervisor and more. Oh, you must click, so do it!

I’ve Got Some Money In My Pocket…

You’re in a band. You’ve been bequeathed some money from a member’s dad and another friend of the group. The money adds up to, oh, let’s say $15,000. They say, “Make an album, son.”

But should you?

John Simson/Linda-Bloss Baum Talk SoundExchange: This Week’s Radio Show Guests

John Simson and Linda Bloss-Baum talk artist management and SoundExchange in this special two-guest edition of the Music Biz 101 & More radio show. Click to stream!

Managing Your Band – 6th Edition: Available Now!

Managing Your Band – 6th Edition is available today, June 6, 2017. You MUST buy multiple copies because they’ll wear out with your laser vision. Click for the best way to purchase this future Pulitzer-winner collection of words and paragraphs.

Data’s Importance In The Music Industry

Listen to these two interviews to help you figure out data’s importance in the music industry. So click!