The Power of Music

The Power of Music

It’s amazing how music can move us in ways we might not even imagine possible. Music has a way of revealing what we’re feeling deep inside and helping us to resolve those feelings by getting them out or hearing them perfectly expressed into words by someone else allowing us to feel understood. Music is amazing. Read on to learn more about why Music is so Powerful.

The Power of Music – How Do You Feel?

the power of music

The most powerful music is the kind that helps people express their own feelings,and incites an emotional response. The ultimate example of this power is when music is the basis of a social movement. Music’s power lies in it’s ability to reach our deepest emotions and inspire us to act and feel.

The Power of Music to Promote LGBT Awareness

Music to Promote LGBT Awareness

Music is unique in the fact that it transcends cultural and demographical boundaries. Some artists take advantage of this situation and use the power of music to spread a message about an issue that is near and dear to their hearts. An issue that has been gaining significant media attention in the past couple years is LGBT awareness. Click to read MBA in Music Management student Mel Passler’s thoughts.

WPU Music Biz Student: Troy Carter Blog by Tirrell Alston

Troy Carter Music Biz

Troy Carter is the founder of Atom Factory, a talent management company located in Los Angeles, California. He currently manages artist like John Mayer, John Legend, Miguel, Fareoh, and others. WPU Music Biz student Tirell Alston explores the career of one of today’s most inspiring music managers.