It’s Just A Spark: How Paramore Ignited My Music Career

During such a rocky time in my life, Paramore came to my rescue. I heavily related to the amount of tension both in their lyrics and in their actual band. Click to learn more about what Paramore can do for you.

Shakey Graves is why I’m here.

One of the biggest reasons why I went to William Paterson was because of an artist by the name of Shakey Graves. He is without a doubt my biggest musical inspiration. He was more important to guest writer Luke Davis than Led Zeppelin, the Strokes, Queen. Here’s why.

Ziggy Played Guitar: Salute to David Bowie

From Ziggy Stardust to King Jareth, Emile explores the history and legacy of rock legend David Bowie.

Eric Clapton

Me and Mr. Clapton: Why Eric Clapton is My Biggest Musical Influence

Why Eric Clapton is my biggest musical influence as well as some brief insight into his career and the significance of his music. Click now.

How I Optimized My Spotify Ultimate Guitar Riff Playlist

What do you think is the Ultimate Guitar Riff of all time? Click here to see if it made the list.

John Mayer – A Beautiful Armor

     Hi. My name is Tre. If you understand the title reference, we are on the same page. If not, leave this page, go listen to Continuum, and kindly return when your life has been significantly changed. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a John Mayer fan, as well as a musician. My…