Luke Davis – The Power of Music is Real and All Around Us.

This is a blog on the Luke Davis belief in the power of music. Check out the playlist with different genres at the end. What do you think is on it?

Shakey Graves is why I’m here.

One of the biggest reasons why I went to William Paterson was because of an artist by the name of Shakey Graves. He is without a doubt my biggest musical inspiration. He was more important to guest writer Luke Davis than Led Zeppelin, the Strokes, Queen. Here’s why.

Decorating Time; the Power of Music

        My name is Tré, and I am a student at William Paterson University, I am working to become a songwriter and an executive at a PRO, and music is my life. I have been infatuated with music since I was born. I played drums before I could walk, and had my hands…

John Mayer – A Beautiful Armor

     Hi. My name is Tre. If you understand the title reference, we are on the same page. If not, leave this page, go listen to Continuum, and kindly return when your life has been significantly changed. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a John Mayer fan, as well as a musician. My…