Alex Fletcher of Fletcher Artist Management: Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

In this episode, Alex Fletcher, the big boss man of Fletcher Artist Management, talks about the Classical music industry. How is a manager dealing with “classical” vocalists different from a manager who deals with “mainstream” artists? Are all Classical vocalists divas? Click and listen!

Joe Pearson’s Ultimate Playlist

I constructed a Spotify playlist of my favorite 50 songs. It’s very diverse. This playlist is good for any occasion such has studying, car rides or to just have an overall great listening experience. I hope to open your eyes to some amazing music that you never heard before. Click!

Philip Glass- A Great Music Influence

Philip Glass is a minimalist composer. You will find that his music is not of the traditional of classical composers. There are great details followed by two video clips that will give you a great insight about the composer. Either you are new to minimalism or you are a hug fan of his works; you will enjoy this article.

Donald Nold: Pianist and Coach Extraordinaire

Musician Extraordinaire Donald Nold

Donald Nold had an extraordinary career as a pianist. He traveled the globe, coached and accompanied the world’s best singers, and started the Accompanying Dept. at MSM. WP Grad student Katie Sundstrom writes about this amazing musician.