How To Turn Your Audio Content Into A YouTube Video

Is YouTube evil?

If you’re putting your music up on Soundcloud or iTunes or Spotify or MySpace or (name your service here), don’t forget YouTube! For the price of $0 and a cost of time, you can turn your audio into a video. It’s a great, relatively easy way to squeeze another use out of your content. Click to see how to do it.

Now That’s What I Call Pop!: Must-See Bands and Musicians

Now That's What I Call Pop at WPU

The second Pop Music Major showcase Now That’s What I Call Pop! is nearing. Click to check out some music and performances from the musicians and bands playing!

3 Reasons to Check Out That’s What I Call Pop! at WPU

Now That's What I Call Pop at WPU

On March 24th from 7:30-9:30, many Pop Music Majors will be showcasing their songwriting abilities in the Shea Music Building. I know- why would you want to go see a show featuring musicians you’ve never heard of before? There are actually three reasons why you absolutely should.